Sheep counting

When the alien arms of darkness steal
the day away, there’s a silent ticking
in the night
Blood pulsating in my head
the sheep continue grazing
I will not count
trying to switch off my thoughts
yet the very act of doing so
makes it worse, trying to think
of not thinking

Even saying I can do this, defeats
the task at hand
The crunching of the pillows
the toss of sheets
crumpled at my feet
The arms of night pick me up
the devil wants it’s way
throwing me about my bed

I walk, pace the house, stare out
windows into night, gaze at stars
street lights
Listen to crackling wind
as it punctures trees
Sometimes I read,
my weariness
enough to dream

The clock continues ticking
with eyelids closed the
polychromatic colours
filter like snowflakes
It will not come as needed
my sleep, my rest this night
too many thoughts that race
Too much time wasted
wishing to know nothing

copyright JMTacken 8.5.2014





















36 thoughts on “Sheep counting

  1. You raise some interesting issues about sleep and our lack of it when our bodies just don’t want to shut down. Well done Jenny, I enjoyed this poem as I connect well to it.

    • I think many of us can Michael and right now I am so tired, falling asleep on the couch for an hour and a half, this is something I NEVER do. I hope tonight that stealing devil leaves me alone. Thank you for reading and connecting, I hope you sleep also.

    • now that’s a good line, we seem to cram more and more between our ears, it is impossible to let it go. I hope you find some rest soon and good luck with the workload ~ smiles.

  2. I am so sorry about the lack of sleep, Jen. I know how badly your overworked body needs it right now. Have you ever tried melatonin? I take it almost every night. Sometimes I still wake up early, but I usually feel rested at least. Back to the poem…loved it and I could definitely relate.πŸ˜•

    • Thanks hun, no I haven’t tried it. I have tried so many herbal concoctions, but they don’t work on me. I now take an anti histamine in small doses, when I know I need to ‘pass out’ basically, that’s another habit, waking early, but as we get older that is going to happen more and more. 😦 have a I groaned enough yet? 😦 xx

  3. like you, i have trouble sleeping at times, especially when something is on my mind. there is no shutting it off as much as i’d like to. i’ve come to the point where i don’t toss and turn anymore, just go with it and get up and do something, until i am tired enough again to sleep. bad news is, that’s usually right when it’s time for me to get up! )

    • I hear you sweety, we toss & turn, walk, try, finally when we are tired enough to crash, then the alarm rings it’s joyful tune….I hope that you sleep well tonight & many more nights Beth ❀ xx

  4. what an uncomfortably descriptive write Jen, sounds downright torturous. i guess i don’t really have any lack of sleep issues, i’m near narcoleptic when i need
    oh i echo becwillmylife’s suggestion on Melatonin, several of my friends swear by it.

    • It is very uncomfortable Jack, tonight it hit me worse, or this afternoon, I crashed on the couch, I never have ‘nana naps’ so not me, but it’s been a tough week and I ain’t no spring chicken anymore..somethin’s gotta give…it’s a herbal prep isn’t it? I don’t even know if they sell it over here, but I can look for it. Thank you and grr that you don’t need sleep! Hugs

      • yes it is herbal Jen, i believe it’s a natural derivative of a plant. if you have a Whole Foods nearby they would have it, or any natural food store worth it’s salt. if not, it is commonly available online. no side effects to speak of either.

  5. They say not to do this, but I either take three Tylenol or Advil, or I have a glass of wine, then read. The habit happens about once a week, otherwise I survive on only 5-6 hours sleep. I think it is our creative natures, along with I have been a lifelong worrier! Thanks so much for this poem and just knowing I am not the only one in “the boat with sleepless people” helps! Hugs, Robin

    • I think most of us have to rely on taking something to help. The antihistamine I take, they say to have a whole tablet. I only have half and it is enough to zonk me out. Thankfully it’s not needed every night, on average twice a week. You are right, I would to conduct a survey on the sleeping patterns of creative people as opposed to non creative, would be very interesting! No you are so not alone on this as the comments will testify πŸ™‚ hugs Robin, may sweet dreams come your way. xx

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