Mother’s Day


tomorrow I shall buy flowers
our earth is bare now
stems that bore colour have
now retracted in the soil

tomorrow I shall choose a card
taking time to pick the right
one, with words from my heart
yet written by others

tomorrow we shall be with family
making conversation and memories
forgetting anger, sadness and
being grateful for who they are

tomorrow we’ll give thanks
for the nurturing, care and holding
us together when we became unglued
hoping our children think the same of us

tomorrow we show gratitude having them by
our side, but let us also remember those
mums that have been lost and the children
they have left behind

tomorrow raise a glass to all the mums
for their strength, wisdom, guidance
a toast to all who battle
and those no longer here

the card shall hold but a small part
of my love for you, as will the bouquet
I want you to have colour

copyright JMTacken 10.5.14

This morning I said to Mr. S that I need to get mum a card in the morning. He replied… and this year I won’t be. It has been almost a year now since his mum passed unexpectedly.

To all those who have lost their mum, my thoughts are with you.
To all those who are fortunate to celebrate Mother’s Day (ours is tomorrow) with their mums ~ be thankful.

44 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Beautiful sentiments, giving color to your mum. I hope for all of those who have lost their mums/moms they can celebrate their love in some special way. And for all of those dear moms who have lost their child-they know they are dearly loved moms always.

    • I was just about to switch off and retire for the night and saw your comment come in. What you said about mums who have lost a child…well got to me. I hope those that have, spend their day, knowing how much their child loved them. Quiet reflection of the love and bond that was between them, that will never be broken. Thank you Colleen. Hugs xx

      • You’re welcome Jen. I do worry about these mom’s. I’ve seen blogs and had discussions with people who have lost children. Once a person has loved as a parent, they are always a parent. Even if their child is no longer with them. I hope they all feel some special love on days like this.

        Happy day Jen. I think you will be waking soon….I will lying down to sleep soon. πŸ˜‰

  2. This is certainly beautiful. Thank you for remembering those who have lost their mom. I was only 20 when my mother passed away.
    I hope you have a lovely, gorgeous Mother’s Day, dear Jenny!

  3. Have a wonderful day with your family, Jen. So much love in your words for mums. And thanks for remembering those whose presence is still missed. Only ever one mum. Kisses to yours. And to you.x

  4. Happy mothers’ day to you too, Jen xx
    As a mother and I daughter I always tend to focus what I can do for my mum as opposed to what the kids will do for me. Still don’t see the day as a day for me.

    • Thank you precious and to you. I am used to not having the breakfast in bed – smiles and mum wasn’t too thrilled with her lunch…but we do what we can do. Hope you had a good day..Ps It is for you too you know πŸ™‚ xx

  5. This poem depicts what most families will do for Mother’s Day and a happy day it shall be for most. Mother’s Day hasn’t been the same since my mom passed away 3-1/2 years ago. My daughter and her husband have his mom, me, his grandmother and great grandmother for a special celebration but it’s a little hollow now.

  6. Beautifully expressed Jenny. It is that time of year to remember and honour our mums. I will make my annual visit to my mum tomorrow, but she is often in my thoughts. You have a good mother’s day too.

    • Karen thank you, I read your post this afternoon, I wanted to reblog it but it wouldn’t allow me. Your post was absolutely stunning and brought a tear as I read. I raise my glass to you lovely lady ad to all those who we call Mum. Hugs x

  7. I am so glad you celebrate Mother’s Day! Hope you have a wonderful one, Jen! I was a little tentative since I had read quite a few posts and not all talked about them! I think a card and flowers are always special to give and I love the sentiments you expressed about ‘mums’ here, too! Thankful we had good ones, because from time to time, I will meet someone who didn’t and that always hurts so much, for I feel bad if someone would not have a loving and warm mum! Hugs, Robin

    • Thank you Robin. How tough it must be for those whose mums are gone or have experienced pain from theirs. So sad, so negative, so unwarranted. I am also tentative, especially with new readers, as I don’t really know their circumstances and if they have children, or have lost children, or have lost their mum, so I hold back. She was thrilled with the flowers and card, not impressed with the lunch however… Oh well is what it is. I hope you have a wonderful day. Xx hugs

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