As day is to night


Let me capture sunlight in my hands
Its rays won’t filter through my
fingers, clutched within my palm

I shall hold the moon light
Watch its beams, across the longitude
of arches, not releasing back in to
the darkened sky for the world to own

For they are mine in this very moment
As the day eases into night, finding
once more its resting place, it belongs
to me and no one else

As I take you, for who you are
For sun can shine, on a winters day
The moon will be, though clouds conceal
as you are at times, hidden from my view


Β©JMTacken 13.5.2014


Photo Credit:Β www.deviantart.comΒ  Sun Rise Moon Rise


34 thoughts on “As day is to night

  1. Didn’t you just say to me that your writing is like others? You were wrong Jen. Yours is completely, beautifully, artistically yours. And we both wrote about sun and hands for today. And yet so completely different. Amazing.

  2. I love how you capture the sunlight in your hands as it slips away in the horizon. A fantastic image you have created here and the two photos side-by-side say what words cannot but do. πŸ™‚

  3. I loved this. Your words brought the images to life. Sometimes I just try to breathe in the stillness of the moon or the warmth of the sunlight and hold it for as long as I am able. Your poem transported me to that peaceful place. Thank you.πŸŒžπŸŒ™

    • I love the moon emoticon πŸ™‚ secondly and more importantly your beautiful comment. I am glad that my words were felt by you and transported job was done. Thank you so very much darling xx ❀

  4. if you figure out how to capture a bit of that light, you let me know…been trying to hold it for a while now…smiles…i like the last bit how you use it in relation to them as well….happy tuesday mum

  5. The hidden from our view is the image I think of our ‘real’ mom’s/mum’s selves. They are not themselves, but we love them anyway. The moon is mysterious and a very good image or that different person we view now. I love the way you mentioned sunshine slipping through our fingers, too. It is very transient and moving in the way you wrote this poem, Jen!

    • No they are not themselves..or the people that we knew any longer. Pop is still hanging in there but even his mind is slowing down now 😦 thank you for enjoying my poem Robin x

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