Cry of the Indian



Can I take you on a journey?

we, insignificant specks upon the scorching sands

watch the bald eagle, ascend

the mighty, capturing the wind in his wings

as he soars towards the drifting clouds


the drums resound across softened dunes

and the darkened night is broken

by the burst of peach that breaks the morning light


feathered wild grass against the dusted rocks

dancing with the breath that circles from above

release our animal spirit to the depth of watery caverns

quenching thirsts from waterfalls

as eagles soar

hear them cry

the cry of ancestors

across the plains, who hold dream catchers

in their hand

let the desert winds softly blow

lifting Β grains of past to future

as cries grow louder, arms held high

towards the sun

cherishing the earth

and the drum beats slow, rhythmically

the chanting heard, the spirits felt

the world is calm, for some

as the giant eagle soars


Native American Indian – Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.


I am sorry for not keeping up with posts and commenting, it’s been a tough week 😦

Β©jmtacken 16.5.2014






31 thoughts on “Cry of the Indian

  1. No apologies Jen. πŸ™‚ We all live outside of our computers. πŸ˜‰

    This reminds me of a time my husband and I were in the dessert. We heard something distant and we followed the sound. We came across a lone person sitting in a shelter playing a very emotional sounding drum. It was amazing. I don’t know if the person was American Indian or just loved the culture. We didn’t approach. It seemed a very private thing. But we sure enjoyed the moment.

    • Thank you Colleen, now it’s the weekend, so hopefully I will be able to read and comment and perhaps even write some more πŸ™‚ your experience sounds amazing. I love drums, especially with a steady rhythmic beat. You were lucky to have witnessed it, no matter who the drummer I think πŸ™‚ thank you for your story x

      • You’re welcome Jen. I hope you find some rest and relaxation. I am SO far behind. Been traveling about for 2 days. That REALLY makes things add up that need to be done.

      • I hear you loud and clear lovely. You have been busy out walking I see, (loved your post) we all get behind, I didn’t in the beginning, but it is what it is. 😦 had some rest this weekend…sublime! Thank you. xx

  2. The location for the video is Monument Valley, where many of John Wayne’s movies were made. Very nice!

  3. Ahhh…I’ve missed you, Jen! Hope all is well and good. I can hear the drums resounding across the softened dunes just as your beautiful poetry resounds in my heart. Eloquent and magical! ❀ ~Karen~

    • How lovely of you, thank you Karen. All is well, just not enough hours in the day ~ as we all experience at times, sadly. I am pleased you enjoyed this piece, I had fun creating it ~ so a large thank you and I hope you are well too ❀ x

  4. I cannot say for sure and maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many movies but this sounds like it is spoken by a Native American Indian. Outstanding capture. The essence is definitely present. πŸ˜€

  5. Wonderful writing! I hope your next week is better than this last one my friend, but at least be assured the trials do not diminish your excellent writing at all! πŸ™‚

    • Helen, that is so very kind of you to say ~ thank you so very much. Next week won’t be as busy, so I shall have some time to breathe…in-between studying that is 😦 Hope you are well x

    • and so soothing they can be, can’t they? Thanks sugar, next week apart from study is a little easier as not many cleaning jobs. I hope all is well you and your family in your paradise. Thank you for the hugs sweety, right back to you ❀ xxx

    • It is a beautiful quote, but then they have so many it was hard to choose. I smiled when you wrote letting my eye follow only what is important I possibly could left quite a few words couldn’t I? ~ smiles. Thank you Bri, I think they are there just hidden under the layer of too much on my plate~ hugs my friend.

  6. i love the native american feel of your words and they are beautiful indeed. no need to ever apologize, we know you are out there and doing all you can. )

  7. And now this! (I’m reading backwards.) You need never apologise, Jen for being part of life and doing what has to be done. I’ll be following regardless of how frequent or infrequent your opportunities may be. Especially when you come up with words to capture such beautiful music. I’ve taught the American Indian theme a few times in schools and each time fell a little more in love with the new things I learned. Their music is hauntingly beautiful. As was your poem, my friend.
    You just grow in stature every time I read your words. Always the perfect word choice. Think I’ll have to try for a few more of the non-rhyming variety. They read so much like beautiful stories threaded together like the dream catcher. A joy.
    Now stop apologising. Write when you have the chance and let us share in that. The rest is just time and it’s a rare commodity. I’d rather you wrote than read. Be well. Don’t fret. Love you. Love your words.
    Off to try a non-rhymer. 😦 ……I’ll blame you if it’s shite……;) x

    • All your compliments make me warm and fuzzy inside, thank you, from the bottom of my heart AM. I started off with rhyming, then branched to what I call free writing. I am clueless, I just do what I do and perhaps there isn’t a name for it as such. I am glad that you wish me to write, I do feel guilty even writing something, yet not having the time to read everyone else’s ..but that’s juz me. You have me so happy with what you have written. You are one gorgeous lady and for all that you say and who you are, I thank you. ❀ xxx. And I am sure you will do brilliantly, you are NEVER shite πŸ˜‰ x

  8. I loved this whole image of Native American’s symbolisms. Including their spirits and treasuring the land, along with the music of their tribes, haunting and mystical in this poem!
    I am always behind in my reading, I think it is my priority to write and then, somehow relieved of the words that are rattling around in my brain, I can ‘listen’ and read others’ words. Does this seem to happen to you? Take care, Robin

    • Hi sweet, yes it happens to me, or I run out of time and don’t have the energy to respond 😦 sad but fact of life now. Thank you for enjoying, I do love their music too πŸ™‚

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