Chat Time ~ story

Once upon a time in a far away country that was considered up-side-down to many (though people actually are upright) there lived a lady, with her partner and her daughter and her partner. Perhaps you may know who they are?

Unfortunately this ladies’ life had been rather hectic of late, rushing here and there, not getting her study done, looking mainly at the outside of toilet S Bends and breaking her nails that once were her pride and joy (ok possibly not that much).

She also enjoyed writing and had a blog site and wrote quite prolifically in the beginning. As time went on, life and the S Bends seemed to get in her way, obstructing her muse and herself, not giving her the time or inclination to write or to read others who she followed.

This made the lady very grumpy and sad, though she did apologise to those that read what she wrote, she still felt uneasy.

Yesterday, her partner came home from work to say they were going to go to Doncaster (for those who don’t have a clue what Doncaster is) firstly it is a suburb in the upside State of Victoria where she lives and secondly, it has a large Shopping Centre or Mall (for those that live in countries that aren’t upside down).

Because this lady has two jobs now, she needed some nice new winter ankle boots (not for the cleaning of the S Bends as that would be simply too ridiculous) and she had been looking for some time to find just the right pair (yes, us women need the ‘just’- it’s important) – so read on.

Out they went walking around each store, when her partner decided he would also buy some dress boots (as there was a very good deal getting a free Drizabone jacket thrown in if you paid a stupidly extravagant price for the boots – go figure) and for those not knowing what that is, it’s a waterproof oilskin jacket.

Anywho, he purchased said boots and received the jacket and then it was the ladies turn. Excitedly she walked from store to store, trying on different styles, totally undecided and starting to wear her grumpy pants again, for lack of finding, until lo and behold she found the ‘just right’ she had been searching for.

Going to the counter, her partner (who she loves very much I may add) then paid for them and as soon as the Sales Assistant, placed the bag in her hand, he smiled and said to her “Happy Anniversary”.

Ermegawd!!! – It was their 6th year of being together (unofficially married) and through the hectic and chaotic week that she had had, she had completely forgotten (put in sad face and embarrassment).

“I am so sorry” she blurted, as he fist pumped the air, saying “Yes, one for the boys” (coz lets face it they are the ones who usually forget).

The morale to the story? Hmmm (thinks hard) Don’t let the important parts of life slip by unnoticed.

She is happy with her boots and to make up for forgetting, she is taking him out to one of their favourite Restaurants tonight for dinner, where he can get his Tandoori Prawns that he loves and she will have a much needed bottle of wine!

The End

54 thoughts on “Chat Time ~ story

  1. Lovely tale Jenny, had you added in a few strawberries you could have tagged this with the fairy tale prompt. Love a story where a man’s plan comes together. You Mr S is a good man.

  2. Good man! Finally, one for the boys. (Smile) you do have the exception. Hope dinner was special too. Happy Anniversary.

  3. so true on not letting it slip by…heh…they are the ones that usually forget eh? i will have you know i have never forgotten…and happy anniversary! how cool…glad you got to enjoy it together…and those things will def add to your inspiration as well…

  4. Hello me lady, well that lovely gentleman of yours is truly one beautiful person now isn’t he? I send him a hug for remembering, for making you smile and for making me smile.
    Happy Anniversary – hope you had a lovely dinner and some yummy tandoori prawns.

    Now, what about those grumpy pants. Can we just compare our grumpy pants. Let’s just say, I’m not smiling much these days, even though I leave on a long trip in two weeks to see my beloved mum.

    No writing, my muse has left me- rather hurriedly dumped me more like it. No creativity flowing through me, not even the lovely Mr Firth can bring a smile to my face let alone make me write.
    Life has got in the way, pretty much vacuumed all my energy.

    Okay, better email you the rest of my sorry story, so you can virtual hug me, pass on a glass of wine and send me kisses while I send you mine. Er, that sounds weird.

    • Hello darling stranger, yes that he is. πŸ™‚ the prawns were yummy as was the wine and the night of being out of the house… I so wish we could meet up when you visit your mum, how wonderful would that be? Mr Forth can’t bring a smile, yes you best email me young lady and spill further!! Ech don’t mention vacuums! Lol I shall virtually hug you, pour you the wine and send you kisses and no it didn’t sound weird lol. Miss you sweetness. xoxo

  5. I just love you, Jen. And this post. It is so you! I can see the expressions on your face and hear your lovely voice, ‘Ermegawd!’ Wonder if Nicole f ever says that.
    I hope you had a fabulous night. You deserve it. Bloody S-bends. You are doing amazing stuff to help keep your family going. And then you pop in here and bring a smile to my face. (Just returned from grocery shopping. ermeshite. Is that a word? It should be.)
    And fret not. I have done the whole forgetting thing. Bit of a red neck at times but it keeps them on their toes. πŸ™‚ Never hear the end of it right enough. Birthdays too. *shame-faced* πŸ˜‰ x

    • We had a lovely night ~ thank you precious aww you made me blush! I we you too πŸ™‚ Nicole hmm…perhaps she must she’s an Aussie after all! I am glad that others also forget, normally I’m on top of it all but meh it’s all about too much going on this ever decreasing brain of mine. Shame faced indeed for forgetting it πŸ™‚ and yes let’s start a new fad ermashite is brilliant!! Hugs and love to you and thank you. xo

  6. Oh No!!! One day I got home from work and hubby asked me if I’d like a ‘special wine’ – I didn’t know what he was taking about and then he handed me a gift (a gold pendant with Together for 15 Years inscribed on it). Do’h! It was our fifteenth wedding anniversary. He also fist pumped the air, saying β€œYes, one for the boys”. LOL.

    Happy Anniversary my darling and enjoy those boots! πŸ˜€

    • Oh no really your 15th Anniversary? How embarrassment 😦 funny how us females mostly remember yet we don’t fist punch the air, I guess it’s so rare that when they do and we forget they have to show how proud they are for remembering!
      Thank you gorgeous, I shall indeed πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

  7. Happy anniversary, my friend! Sounds like your guy is as much a keeper as mine is. πŸ™‚ Glad the grumpy pants managed to come off… I’m all for wearing no pants, grumpy or otherwise. LOL!

  8. I love the idea of new boots, for a few moments I thought I was going to read that you gave up looking…so glad you didn’t. The well earned bottle of wine also held my interest…happy 6th.

  9. Well, this was a sweet ‘tale’ which had a happy ending! You got the boots, he got the ‘victory,’ which you know he needs this from time to time, you have remembered a lot more times over the 6 years! I am so glad this all went well, a little wine and his prawns… Happily ever after, my dear friend!

    • Hopefully yes happily ever after, lucky he didn’t do the victory dance in the middle of the store…his dancing has little to be desired lol thank you Robin for your kind wishes πŸ™‚

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