The Empty Knock

Her cries were often heard
this day like any other
Wondering why her tears fell
never loud nor calling for attention
in the sanctuary of her room
I would always hear

Dust dabbles in the sun along
the unswept floor
As I stand at my room
across the hall
Defenceless in her sadness
The reasons are not known

I have watched as she climbs
the stairs, stepping over debris
blown in from dirty streets
Her hair under feathered bonnet
skirts held with grace she walks

Sometimes my hand would reach
as I’d approach her door
the will to knock was strong
to simply say hello
ask if I could help

There were never visitors
she lived in quiet reverie
Gladly I would take her hand
To try erase those tears
but I walked into my room
I chose to let her be

copyright JMTacken 20.5.14


35 thoughts on “The Empty Knock

  1. A fitting title. Poor heartbroken soul. My guess she has been disowned because she doesn’t appear to be poor: “Her hair under feathered bonnet / skirts held with grace she walks”
    ❤ ❤ ❤ Love the picture you've used here and the imagery you paint.

    • Thank you so much Tess, no not poor by her clothes , I do like how you pick up on things In what I write. Perhaps we shall never know, why the tears…I chuckled as I wrote that, thinking perhaps her corset is too tight! Thanks you darling for your kind words ❤ xx

      • Her corset is too tight? Who ties her into it anyway?
        Why would she cry every night because of THAT?

        I enjoyed this one immensely, Jen, and still wonder at the mystery. ❤ ❤

      • Hmm they are good questions and I probably shouldn’t have made such light of it’s content. 😦 I do appreciate you reading and enjoying it Tess – hugs xx

  2. Oh, Jen…I need to have a glass of wine and reflect on this a bit. I don’t know which was the saddest – the woman crying or the one who didn’t knock. Thank you for moving me to quiet reflection. ❤ ~Karen~

  3. it can be a daunting thing to enter into the pain of another..
    it brings our own pain back to us at times….and can scare us…
    def i am torn between the pain of hte one…and the unwillingness of the other…

      • Happy Saturday? Dont’ get ahead of yourself/ myself. It’s still mid-morning Friday here. At least the sun’s shining (for five minutes before the next shower blows in). Hope all’s well. Will email once I’ve worked through the 250+ in the inbox.

      • Oh crap, forgot 😦 lol I thought today was Saturday as in. Isn’t here, it’s only Friday…oh dear… Lost it. Our weather isn’t much better about to head in to 3 months of gloom , ok good luck with that:-)

  4. It is sometimes best not to ask someone you don’t know why they are crying. But it is sad that she was alone in her sadness, the other one who chose not to knock… this has a great story within a short amount of space. You chose very emotional words to describe this ’empty knock.’ Wonderful writing, Jen!

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