The Warrior and the Human

Karen is an exceptional writer and newly found friend on WP. Please take a look at this, to see what I mean.

karen draper ~ writer


We stand.  Side by side.  Sometimes I follow.  Others I lead.

This sounds a bit cliche’.  Rehearsed.  I tried to think of other fresh ways to say it, but this encapsulates my truest ideals as to where I am and how I arrived “here” in this place of knowing and comfort.  Writing has been an almost full circle moment for me.  I say almost because I know this circle of humanness and vulnerability.  Of guileless courage.  Of rawness and openness that’s ever evolving within me, both as a human and as a writer (warrior), is never ending.

.Image As I sit down to write, there exists a beautiful juxtaposition of the very human woman who hopes that her writing resonates with others, who worries it’s not enough; and the warrior writing soul who writes because she can’t stop.  Her words bold.  Unfiltered of reason or fear.  This marriage is…

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3 thoughts on “The Warrior and the Human

  1. I am moved by anyone who tries to express and explain humanity. Everyone has such lovely words to describe their relationships and I enjoyed this on Karen’s site. This was a great one to reblog, in case someone has not been over to ‘visit’ Karen. I feel we all have a warrior and a follower side. I like to be a warrior for my friends and children. Then I am a follower or a side by side friend, too. Jen, this was so sweet of you to be Karen’s warrior, by promoting her writing and thoughts! Smiles, Robin

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