Two worlds collide

Patterns are seen through my eyes
through yours, yet yours are different
They cascade like waterfalls, without
the kaleidoscope of colours
weaving through transparent drops

From darkness yours emerge, places that I
know not of, I do not feel your fear
I witness, the anger, bitterness
you who predicate you have drunk
from the poison liquid of my womb

Torn between these worlds
One I knew so well, now do not
Your world so black at times
To you I am the cause
do I know you any more?

The disdain of me or others
when your world closes in
Shall I blame you?
When the waterfall plunges to the
murky abyss, not a clear and soothing pool

Let the particles of the day fall
across my eyelids, when they finally
close tonight, so I may forget the day
To rest, cast off events, the
biting tongues, hatred glares

Let me find solace, in dreams that
may await, until a new morning
spreads it’s golden wings across
my window and hope a new
day brings us peace

copyright JMTacken 26.5.14

16 thoughts on “Two worlds collide

  1. You have captured the essence of the struggle very well Jenny. I too hope the new dawn brings peace and solace to you and your world. Keep being positive, for your sake at least.

  2. Talk about emotion Jen. This was powerful. I hope you do close your eyes and cast off the events that torment you. 😦 Sending positive thoughts to help soothe your heart.

  3. Jenny, I find this full of hope. The day encroaches and some horror may be felt at what is seen and to be endured there. A glimpse into the abyss. But it all may be banished at night when morning brings new perspective. None of us undesrtands the other in entirety but there is some empathy shared in common humanity and suffering. You are like a beacon here. Not lost. Not without understanding. Like a lovely light of hope for what tomorrow’s light may bring. Long may you wake to new hope and endurance and peace.x

  4. This is very emotional. I feel the power in these words, darkness versus light. It is a ‘battle’ of wits and endurance. I am so sorry for this happening in your life. I have hope and will keep you and yours in my prayers. Much love, xo Robin

  5. I hope and pray that the “golden wings of a new morning” brought peace and hope to your window, Jen. Your poetic clarity made it sadder, still. Beautifully written, Jen. Sorry for what you’re going through. hugs ~Karen~

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