Leave of absence

Just letting everyone know that is my virtual friend in the WP world that I won’t be on for a while, in case you are wondering where I am. I have no idea at this point for how long.

My world has just turned upside and I can’t concentrate enough to reply, read any of your posts or write anything.


32 thoughts on “Leave of absence

  1. I ‘liked’ this post and then thought – I shouldn’t have liked it because I don’t like it!!!!

    I really hope you’re okay, Jen. Email me if you need anything at all xxxxx

  2. I am so sorry to hear this and of course I am late in seeing this , all I can do is wish you the very best and hope that nothing too awful has happened! sending you love and hugs.xxxxxx

  3. I hate to hear that you will be gone, but I know this is for the best. Take as much time as you need, my dear! Somehow, someway, I have high hopes for you and yours. I am praying for you all, hoping that the world being turned upside down, can somehow right itself. I wish for everything to go back to as close as it can be to the way it was… I have had this happen, in a different way, I am sure. Remember we are fiercely protecting you, in our hearts! Hugs, Robin

  4. Hey Mumsy!
    I too was away for a while there due to my health. Now I worry for you and send you loads of hugs and love. My thoughts along with many others is with you. Hugs Paula xxxxxx

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