Soft goatskin parchment
their roots lie below
twisted, each inhaling
the cool compacted earth
Waiting, they try to grow
tangled in their quest
for singular development
enshrouded by others

Limbs above breathing air
towards the dawn, hands joined
grasping light that beckons
Invisible is the shining sun
the need for nutrients required
evolvement to reach maturity
The fallen earth restricting

it all starts at the base

Let them break free of themselves
the cry of unseen entanglement
The boughs that seek the sun
to find the place where they belong
… to find their harmony

copyright JMTacken 2.6.14


15 thoughts on “Magnolias

  1. I am reading into this recent events. It is beautifully written. I am hoping a bit of peace has returned for all. Time and understanding. Both long and difficult at times.

    *super big hugs*

  2. Harmony is what we all seek Jenny, it sometimes takes a little while to achieve. Hang in there, be strong, be patient, find that inner strength we know you are going to need.

  3. Afternoon Mumsy! 🙂

    How’s things? What a beautiful piece of writing. It gives me a sense of hope and life.
    Missed reading your blog to uplift me. Love you, Paula xxxxxx

  4. Hope all is well, Jen, and that you have been able to divest yourself of some of the emotional load associated with what’s happened recently. I’m pulling for you. Do take care of yourself, sweetie.

  5. I do hope that everything and everyone untangles themselves in time. Family and life is such a delicate balance of holding on to what we know and struggling (in the darkness) at times, for what we think we need. Sending you love and light. As I photograph magnolias in the next few weeks I will think of you and your lovely poem. Sending you love and light. ❤ ~Karen~

  6. This is so beautiful, Jen. It can be quite painful to watch them try to break free and just keep breathing on their own. Some days I think the sun has all the answers I need.

  7. This was extra special in so many ways, Jen! I am sending you continued good thoughts for healing and renewal of family ties. I am wishing those who are not willing to untangle to let loose and grow up! To join in the beauty of the magnolias, stretching, hands towards each other and roots tied together… Loved the poem!! Hugs, Robin

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