Gutter life

I wander
down rain filled streets
listening to wheels spin bitumen
behind me
street lights as my guide stand alone
in dampened air as they
bow to the foggy night
my untravelled road

Past trails
the existing flounces at my feet
I walk
in gutters
wipe raindrops from eyes
Tip toe through life
knowing at any moment
I could be dragged into
the undertow

JMTacken 8.6.14
Just trying to write my way through.


30 thoughts on “Gutter life

  1. I find the rain cleansing. May you breathe deeply, inhale the fresh air after the rains have passed and
    May that bright new start reach out to you, as you cross the bridge, bringing you over safely.
    Much love Jen…

  2. This will be a stupid response but it’s what I thought of. Yesterday I wanted to ride my bike. I did it between rain showers. Then we met the kids at Dairy Queen. And it POURED down rain. And all I wanted to really do was go ride in the rain but for a few reasons I didn’t. The reason I wanted to….I’ve been caught unawares in rain before. And though I don’t like the dangers I personally always face when I sit atop a bike when it’s raining. the AFTER part has always been fantastic. After getting drenched and feeling like crap, going home, taking a hot shower and feeling a new energy….always made it better.

    Keep writing Jen. I hope you get through that rain and get your hot shower with new energy very soon.

  3. I know you are feeling on the edge of a precarious drop Jenny but there is a light ahead it just may take a little more time to get there. Hang in there you’ll get there.

  4. but at least you know the undertow is there….helps you to avoid it…and the only way out of the gutter is through it you know…smiles…you are not alone, remember that…smiles.

  5. We had a terrible storm here some days back. The darkness engulfed the day at 4 in the evening and after two hours, it was all light. The storm had passed, leaving some wounds and some hurt but the light was there again to instill that sweet hope and a clear path.
    May the light reaches you soon… And heart-felt writing. 🙂

  6. Jen as I was reading Gutter Life earlier today, it was suddenly pouring heavy rain and the roof gutter quickly overflowed outside the window. Gave me the vision of you never succuming to the undertow but rather embracing the power of your storm to carry you up and over the gutter. 💕

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