Time to feel


I do not sit in the house of God
amidst stained glass windows absorbing sun
or hear the sound of choir voices

I’m unaware of steps I tred
The distance of my thoughts, for they
are miles apart yet small
I ask is there a meaning
behind what life confronts me
I stare at the moon, the mother
She glows in darkness, her babies
held in the distance, close enough
for her to see, but not touch

Cries to the Universe
what lessons must I learn
this path I walk so precariously
how long is my journey, grab me
take me to your stars, so that I do not fade
into the darkness of the day

There is no reply

My breath exhales like cigarette
smoke, I listen to utter silence
needing strength as the world breathes
watch mother moon and baby stars
that seem close enough to touch
but remain so out of reach

©JMTacken 12.6.14

22 thoughts on “Time to feel

  1. Sometimes time and the interminable waiting for progress and resolution can take so long our resolve begins to fade but we must hang on and hold on to what is dear to us. Don’t go fading away Jenny hang in there.

  2. may you find that strength…we all find it in different places….
    the part on the moon holding her children at a distance…
    able to see but not touch is so emotion filled for me…

  3. Loved this poem. Beautiful and heart-wrenching. Very sorry that Mother Moon and Baby Stars are ‘out of touch,’ since this must cause some sorrow. I hope someday that they will be back in orbit together. I liked Beth’s idea of the stars aligning… Hugs, Robin

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