Into rhythm





Her leg held high, the line of her body
balletic, her arm cradling her head
Before sweeping it across the floor
moving to her chest, covering the
heart beating wildly beneath her skin

Her feet strapped in patent stilettos
her legs articulated on the boards
and he drew beside her,  feathering
fingers on her bare waist

She stilled, drawing the back of her hand
across his cheek as they embraced
Intricate, complex their bodies entwined

Fervidly the drums beat
until their breathing synchronised

Copyright JMTacken 13.6.2014


I wanted to write outside of the circle that I’m in at the moment. A thank you to all of you for supporting me and continuing to read. I will try and read and comment on your posts whenever I can. x

25 thoughts on “Into rhythm

  1. Jen that was exquisite! I hope it helped you step outside of that circle at least for the moments in time you were lost in the writing of this. Fantastic visual escape. And mental.

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