Falling into Seasons


Letters tumble from broken leaves that autumn cast away
Whilst the wind takes hold grabbing them from hand to
form words I nuzzle close, gathering them in my arms
before my icy breath scatters them into sentences
around my feet

Mesmerised with crackled colour bouncing before my eyes
it read, ‘winter darkness now intrudes into pores, flicking
like tree limbs broken, its fork tongue upon the skin’
and we at times let it puncture, along with inevitable cimmerian  
of the Season, our moods disengage, until we see the sun
once more

copyright JMTacken 18.6.14

21 thoughts on “Falling into Seasons

  1. …. Mesmerised with crackled colour bouncing before my eyes…
    Jen very visual. I can feel confusion and anguish in this but yes agree with Michael, even in Melbourne the sun eventually shines my darling. XX

  2. gosh, this is mighty powerful, jen. you have such a way with words, i wish you were paid for them. it is one of your strongest gifts. and the sun will return once more, i promise.

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