It is what it is

Me in Overalls031

From the child dressed in dungarees
the innocence of young
knowing nothing of what life held
My dreams yet to be unfolded
like fresh pressed sheets

How much was destiny, lessons being learnt
only to reach a juncture, the unresolved
bring questioned, my steps not solidified
Did I think I’d ever lose my way

To let it be, casting away shadows of doubt
guilt, seeking equilibrium, that I have
captured glimpses and moments of
I want paragraphs, books filled

I share with most I do not know
taking kindness from their hearts
words that encourage, this is who I
a bundle of emotions grown out of
dungarees and yet I meander

Do others cry to be heard
I wish not for pity, I jump these hurdles
striving for an end, the runner with a cause
simply let me reach the finish line

copyright JMTacken 22.6.14

39 thoughts on “It is what it is

  1. From the innocence of childhood to the issues of our adult life we never know what is in store for us. Life deals us challenges which are confronting and ones we never imaged would come our way. Keep your focus on the future Jenny, all will be resolved at some point and you will reach your finishing line.

  2. i love this picture of you jen, it looks just like you do now in many ways. and you will get to the end of the race and cross the finish line. (damn, why is it such a challenging race?! i never signed up for this!)
    you are finding your own way there, as we each have to do. for some, it is an easier path than others. we never know what life will bring, with all of its ups and downs, even from one minute to the next, why we just have to go on living it as best we possibly can. )

  3. Who’s a gorgeous girl then! I love the lines ‘My dreams yet to be unfolded/ like fresh pressed sheets’ – so evocative. You just look after yourself.

  4. Look at you, Jen. What a sweet pea. I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks! Sucks we have to outgrow our cute overalls and chubby cheeks aren’t considered cute either when you’re…well our age. Love you and thinking about you, friend.

  5. You are adorable. Now, and then! Isn’t it amazing to look back at pictures of us in a different time and search the face. To see the differences in then and now. To see what we didn’t know showing on our faces….. Be well Jen.

    • Thank you, some of me still is there, just an older version. Everyone did love my cheeks and from the comments they seem to have been popular. Thank you Col for your support, it means a lot to me. ❤ x

  6. This was an excellent post with words that were straight from your heart. It is hard to imagine being young, not thinking we will be confused (and lose our way) or maybe worry about the finish line, later in life. It is lovely how you shared your photograph and how you included dungarees, too. I love that image in my mind of your playing and being so happy! Hugs!

    • Thank you so much, that image is one that I would like to be reality right now. It is hard to imagine, back then when we didn’t have any cares or woes in our life. I appreciate you reading Robin and your continued support and encouragement. Hugs back.

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