Searching for a Solution: How Two Dads are Making a Big Difference

Beth’s brother Scott, the co-founder of this organisation solving kids cancer, please read, re-blog. The more know, the more that can be done. Thank you.

I didn't have my glasses on....


my brother, scott,

who is also the  father of my nephew, hazen,

who i miss every single day.

on aljazeera america.

once again, trying to spread the word and not giving up the fight.


In case you missed the segment Solving Kids’ Cancer which aired on Al Jazeera America,

here is the link below:

credits: aljazeera america, javier perez artwork, solving kids cancer

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2 thoughts on “Searching for a Solution: How Two Dads are Making a Big Difference

  1. Children should live forever! I wish this and other things that take them away would end! I donate through my different children’s funds here in Ohio. I believe in March of Dimes, which hands out pamphlets that promote good health while women are pregnant. Others are excellent, so glad you featured Beth here!! Smiles, Robin

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