Morning has broken

Mum & Pop having a laugh

Mum & Pop having a laugh

Morning breaks like every other
Opening eyes, the darkness that enveloped
the night remains, winter sits
a giant umbrella covering the light

A different routine, collect the paper
with must read news unwrapping the
squeaky plastic that holds it tight
a baton without a race, thrown across the grass

Prepare breakfast, bacon, tomato, toast, fine
cut shallots, tea piping hot, table set
His walker first with him behind, the eldest but
always the first to rise, as if to squeeze
in as many waking hours

He smiles, tucks in, asks if I can stay
I smile, shake head, no, that is not possible
my Pop and kiss his beautiful forehead
knowing part of me would

Then she awakens, the kitchen clock moves 7:20
Breakfast is ready I whisper, with morning voice
yet to gain strength
She sits, she eats and then as every morning
she transforms to the little old lady in
Mary Poppins, feeding her birds

copyright JMTacken 25.6.2014

This photo was taken over 2 years ago, mum hates it, as she says, it looks like they are catching flies.

43 thoughts on “Morning has broken

  1. i love this photo of them and your words ring so true -‘His walker first with him behind, the eldest but
    always the first to rise, as if to squeeze in as many waking hours….” . they are so lucky to have each other and to have you loving them. even when it is hard.

  2. As soon as I saw the picture I was smiling…then I saw it is your parents and my smile went wider. They look so beautiful and so happy. Are they happy because they are beautiful or beautiful because they are happy? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I loved your story ….. though it flowed like poetry….. it felt like a love story. โค

  3. Difficult days, Jen, to become the parent and see what you do. Your dad must be so grateful for your presence there at this time. I can see the little old lady feeding the birds, happy in her world even while the photo depicts happier days for both. I remember it as an exhausting, emotionally draining time but am thankful to have had the opportunity with my mum, even though my dad was long gone. Maybe in these times there is a purpose behind everything although they can feel like relentless, broken days. Strength to you, Jen and loving support.x

    • Thank you sweetheart. Yes he is grateful, there are many moments throughout these long days, where he gives a smile and a roll of his eyes, when mum asks the same questions, or comes out with the most ‘unusual’ sentences. I’ll take your strength as I need everything I can muster right now. I am thankful I am here and able to help them, but I do have to go and have quiet time in the other room now and then…thank you xxx

  4. That is such a lovely photo. Pity Mum doesn’t like it. Fancy coming to mine to prepare breakfast? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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