Summer in a winter

women sweating

Fermented golden as the sun
Not as the silver oyster
On a clouded day

I think of wavering ammophila
Tossing, turning to the wind
Birds cry overhead

With drops of nectar
I escape, no thoughts of present
or of past

In the moment, granules
anoint my feet, I hear
the ocean call

I care not that winters here
sand cold and scratchy against
my soles

Allowed to be alone in thought
I’m there with summer
where troubles are released
I’ve taken myself beyond

Copyright JMTacken 8.7.14

19 thoughts on “Summer in a winter

  1. I think that to be in that place is respite… and to feel the moment only adds into our understanding.
    There is that feel of openness and release in your words and I like it very much. 🙂

  2. I loved the imagery and the sand being cold, but whisking away to thoughts of summer! You have a way of making us feel we are on a ‘magic carpet’ ride, full of adventures in this one! I may be ‘wrong’ but I enjoyed this feeling of transporting oneself, Jen! Hugs, Robin

  3. I’ve taken myself beyond…while your stunning poetry has me mesmerized I’m glad you metaphorically escaped from your reality. I love this – you had me standing right beside you, Jen. ❤ hugs and love. ~Karen~

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