‘ I ‘

I breathe the breath of a tortured soul
it burns my stomach lining
clouding my retinas

I stand with no direction
The consequences so great
my mind won’t rest

I hold to what I need to believe
My disposition complex
it wilts amongst rationalisation

I fight with warrior strength
unarmed without weapons
as the battle is within

I long for resolution
to lay down these invisible swords
that cut my soul

Copyright JMTacken 9.7.14

I hope that soon I shall be able to write with more lightheartedness.

43 thoughts on “‘ I ‘

  1. you will get there….you are walking a very hard path…and one where you will second guess yourself…and def the battle is with yourself as much as anything…strength to you….and hopes that it passes soon enough…

  2. Beautifully written but obviously a very rough time for you. Hopefully you can get lighthearted again for your sake, but don’t apologize for the intensity of your feelings. Keep writing and I pray things get better for you soon. πŸ™‚

  3. My thoughts are i with you at this heavy time. God will help you and your daughter through . Take heart and remember all things must pass. I hope that does not sound trite. Xxx

  4. Oh God Jen, to lay down the swords I didn’t even want to pick up!!! But I must hold on for now. Oh geez that hit hard. Hugs to YOU from me. Seems we both need them right now.

  5. Your description of how the inner torture affects your stomach and all the way to your retinas, is very well written, Jen. I can feel the pain, oozing through the words, into the wires that connect us both, Jen. You and I together, maybe(?) we can pull something off! I am after all “Robin” who not only was Batman’s partner, but have gained strength from my own battles fought! You are a great writer, sometimes ‘angst’ and ‘pain’ make the most beautiful stories, poetry and songs, too! Thanks for sharing and hopefully, knowing we are ‘with you’ makes some of the load lighter… Hugs, Robin

    • You brought a smile Robin, being Batman’s partner. I know so many of us have gone through many battles in our lives and through the help of writing and connecting with readers and writers, we gather strength to somehow get through. Pain brings many of my words, for good or bad it is really difficult for me to bring myself to write any other way right now. I thank you for your support, kindness words and for reading, I will see a light eventually and having you and others pushing me towards it means a great deal. Hugs xxx

  6. Hello darling, it is your warrior strength that holds you together through these tough times. I imagine every day is a battle, a battle of words and will, a battle that cuts you deep, causes you heartbreak and misery. Writing about pain is incredibly cathartic, so please write my sweet, release the pain. Peace will come. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon. I send my love to you…

  7. I think the best that any of us can do, is consider our circumstances. Make our decisions, informed decisions. Something I do sometimes, is sit down and write out the choices I have. Pro’s one side, Cons on the other side. Weigh up the possible results, try and make the one that will have the best possible result – taking into account all involved.

    Often, what we think are positives (in the immediate or short term future) can really be long term cons.

    One thing that you know, is this; – this time, this pain, the heartache will not go on forever. There’s comfort in that thought. In the meantime, pull in your support network and be kind to yourself.

    You are in our prayers.


    • Thank you ML, it is wonderful to have the support of so many on WP. Pros and cons are a little difficult with this situation though, as it virtually is a roller coaster, so what may be logic and appropriate today..sadly may not be tomorrow. I am writing a post about the ups and downs, we are going through. I’m not sure if I shall post it or not later, as it’s a very long read, but I’m ‘getting it out’ which is my therapy in a small way. Thank you sweet for caring. xx

  8. Oh Jen – I stand with no direction. That is the worst of all…feeling like no matter which way you go it won’t lead you to where you ‘need’ to be. This is so beautiful, albeit heartbreaking. Sometimes the only thing we can do is nothing. Give your precious soul a break. As for the sadness of your writing – if it comes from a place of truth, (while I of course want you to be happy again) it is always powerful and honorable. Never apologize for that. hugs and love. ~Karen~

    • A beautiful comment K, yes the sign posts have indeed fallen, hopefully I will gain enough strength to pick them up to find which way to go again. Thank you for words of strength and encouragement, appreciated, as you know. Hugs x ❀

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