And then there was nothing..or was there


Tell yourself ‘do nothing’ but
You still are doing something
The act of being in nothingness
still holds your breath
within those seconds your chest
rises and falls

Escaping existence
collapsing into quiet
floating in your imagination

Minds don’t shut down
Your body can if given the chance
Eyes open or closed
thoughts continue to tumble
In the nothingness of you
not doing anything, you still ‘do’



Copyright jmtacken 14.7.14

40 thoughts on “And then there was nothing..or was there

  1. dont know that we could ever truly do nothing…our minds and emotions are still turning…and so much going on inside our head…nah, we never do nothing…stilling takes quite the effort…

    how are you?

    • That it does Bri, many things have happened over the last few weeks. Still at the penguins, but I won’t go into detail as you will be in your 80’s by the time you finish reading… I’m hanging in there, put it that way. Thank you so much for asking.

  2. Well-stitched piece, really loved the way it kind of strayed somewhat over into the literal of body shutdown amidst this whole theme of unfortunate involuntary awareness… Great!

  3. In our martial arts class our instructor often had us meditate. Sometimes it was to meditate on “nothingness”. I didn’t come close. NOt even going to pretend I did. I couldn’t stop my mind. And can’t say that I wanted to.

  4. That is so true. The nothingness is not concrete… but when it becomes a manifestation to haunt you, it does terrible deeds.
    A silent, thoughtful poem. And I hope you are doing well.
    You know, I am not so good in replying back and thus, ‘it’ is still in the drafts. I think of you and I wish for things to get better for you and your loved ones.

  5. It is difficult to heed the call to do nothing where loved ones are concerned as no matter what you are still as you say doing something. Its a predicament I don’t envy, Jenny, but as you know I wish you well everyday.

  6. This was special and lovely. The image really matched the way you put your words together. I love people watching and trying to make up stories about the characters in those that I see, too.
    I hope that in the nothingness, you feel loved and warm. I sometimes get too lonely in my ‘nothingness’ and wish I could be content, Jen! xo Robin

  7. This is the pink elephant question. Don’t think about pink elephants. Now what did I just say?
    On a slightly more serious and helpful note, I have found practising very basic mindfulness (just concentrating on your breathing) has had good effects at slowing my tumbling thoughts.

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