Can you hear her?

Behind closed doors
tears drip down walls
In silence they meander to the floor
No one knows or hears

We suffer in our silence
Keep feelings in our souls
Not opening thoughts to the sun
or the sleeping of the moon

Wandering down pathways
behind picket fences
under willow trees
It’s what we feel from public eyes

The brave face of tough
Of coping, I’m alright
when inside we know better
We crumble like the apple pie

Dare we tell the truth
Will others hold our hands
or shake their heads in disbelief
Saying get a grip

It’s easy for those who aren’t
buried in the trenches
Scared to show our heads
for fear of ammunition fire

copyright JMTacken 22.7.2014


29 thoughts on “Can you hear her?

  1. i think it helps to speak it, not suffer in silence. those who cannot or will not listen or support are not worth the added emotional energy cost ) hugs – beth

  2. I can indeed hear you. Tragic but beautiful poem. The brave face of tough…oh Jen. ((HUGS)) There’s a saying that I always try to remember – “the ones that matter don’t mind and the ones that mind don’t matter.” It’s a generic quote, but it really is true. Please don’t feel guilty, but more importantly don’t keep it bottled up. Take care of yourself first. love and hugs ❤ ~Karen~

    • Thank you so much K. I hope that I don’t have to ‘offload’ to those who read me, as I can well understand how depressing it must be to read consistently. Friends that follow me, such as yourself have helped get me through, so for that I am forever grateful ~ hugs and love K ❤ xx

  3. I like the way you described the hiding places one finds, the fences we build around us and the way you want to stay in the trenches, protecting yourself from ‘warfare.’ Powerful and a great way of expressing your pain, sharing is good to do, opening yourself up can be helpful, but sometimes it can be nice to getaway, withdraw and renew in peaceful quiet, too. Hugs, Robin

    • Yes Robin, you are right, as much as I am an open book, there have been many quiet, solitary moments, where I have got in touch with my emotions and feelings. Thank you for your words of kindness. Hugs xx

  4. Others will hold your hand, possibly shake their heads but only in a comforting way. It makes sense to want to speak out, but it also makes sense to not want to stand in the line of fire. Hugs Jen.

  5. I’m glad you opened the doors long enough to share this. Coping is overrated. Sometimes we have to break to see who is left to put us back together. Beautiful true words you spoke. Your truth.

  6. Such a beautiful description of pain and fear and truth. Catching up on the last month’s posts I admire how you turn your suffering, pains and worries into such beautiful pictures.

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