Senses once burst open
The look, the touch,
the smell, the taste
Twists and turns anticipation
Executing with slowness
the finesse of the action
Bringing it all together
Giving satisfaction

Soaking in the colour
the essence of grape
Cork held and twirled
within fingers
Savouring the aroma

Lifting to the light
pirouetting liquid in the glass
watching fine sediment
gracefully swim

How times have changed
As with many things in life
A screw cap now replaces joy
It just doesn’t feel the same

copyright JMTacken 24.7.2014

29 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. The way the cork rises out of the wine bottle, (or even better the champagne bottle!) makes me happy, fizzy, zingy emotional and you are absolutely right, the twist caps may hold delicious wine within, but it is that “Pop!” that makes is to fun and effervescent! (My Mom and I love Sangria that sometimes has a twist bottle cap, for example, all the way from Spain!) Hugs for this lovely and fun subject in your poem today! xo Robin

  2. P.S. I realize this is also a metaphor for relationships, but the fun part could not keep me away from spouting and excitedly expressing the joy of wine’s cork popping. I do also wish you more joy and love from all around you, one who is being distant, included. Hugs, Robin

  3. Here for you my sweet friend. What beautiful verses to let us know how you are. I loved it. ‘ A screw cap will not always replace joy’ for your joy is on its way. Light and love will once again be yours.
    I don’t enjoy change, and yet change is precisely what keeps us moving isn’t it?
    Love you!

    • I know you are and I am thankful, change to me is gut wrenching. I’m not used to it, in any form. Hopefully I feel more settled and life will be..normal again, whatever that is to me. Love you too. xxx

  4. “Senses once burst open,” love this visual and visceral line, Jen. Beautifully written. I picture the before/after Jen of late as you pop the cork. She will return again, better for having weathered the storm. I so believe in you and your talent. Cheers! hugs and love. ❤ ~Karen~

    • I do hope the cork will pop darling, I’m sure once all this is behind me, I shall be popping several! Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate that you enjoy my poetry and thank you for believing in me. Cheers to you also..for being you. ❤ xx

  5. a screw cap def does not have the same appeal as a cork…
    but many seem to be going to it…one more loss of convention
    my grape came in right before we left for vacation…i harvested quite a bit but will
    be taking in more this afternoon….

    • I admire anyone who grows the grape, skill, patience and love required. No unfortunately lifting of the cork is gradually becoming a thing of the past and thank you for catching up, you must be inundated…smiles

  6. I’m going to go with the subject rather than the sentiment in this one. Screw caps are all very well for stopping wine going off, but apparently this means the trees that produce the cork (in Portugal I think this is) are being neglected/ grubbed up, which in turn means they aren’t there for migrating birds (possibly swallows) and so the bird population is falling. One small change can have many unforseen circumstances.

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