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This is one of those posts, where only my regulars really bother to read (or at least I think they do)

Throughout all the ups and downs the last few months, I haven’t really spoken about my Services. I am still in the process of studying to obtain my Marriage Celebrant Certificate, but because we don’t have the internet set up as yet where I now live (hopefully next week) this has had to go on the back burner.

I have till October to finish it, so I must try and get my thinking cap on.

Today I conducted my 26th Funeral Service, in Melbourne today I woke to 5 deg C. The Service, was held at the graveside, because Chapels were unfortunately booked and they were expecting up to 100 people. Approximately 70 arrived, in the deplorable conditions.

Woollen three quarter coat, boots and leather gloves I crossed the mud and we waited for a late family member to arrive. The graveside was in a completely open area, so the icy winds swept from every direction. Then the rain began. I stood next to the attendant as she held a microphone for me and an umbrella that blocked my view of everyone. My pages, though in a folder and in plastic sheets, started to crease and blow around and words started to run. Someone came up and helped hold the pages down as I read. My nose also started to run, my entire body was shaking from the cold. As I write, it just hailed and now thunder rumbles it’s way closer.

This was my first entire Service conducted outside, I can only hope there aren’t anymore this winter, but in this ‘profession’ you cannot guarantee a nice weather day for an outside Service.

On Monday I have my 27th, in a Chapel I haven’t been too as yet, I can only hope it’s warm.

Thankfully, being busy writing and preparing the Services has kept my mind busy, which is a good thing.

PS: The penguins are doing okay, though Pop had another fall the other morning, from getting out of bed too quickly. Ambulance arrived, but thankfully all was well, though he was lying on the floor yelling out for mum to hear him for over 30 minutes. K and her b/f are still in the rental shared house and we have seen each other a couple of times, speaking mainly on the phone, fortunately there hasn’t been any incidents. Tomorrow all my furniture comes over and things will begin to be more familiar.

Thank you for reading.


45 thoughts on “Chat update

    • A typical horrid day my friend. It was so cold, I don’t really remember doing it now, so hopefully the family were ok. Thank you, yes I shall visit them on the weekend too. Thanks for reading Michael.

  1. i’m happy to see signs of a break in the battle, and some familiar things returning to your life. what a dramatic first outdoor memorial, jen. you have to figure all the others will be a piece of cake after this. i’m glad you are back at this, it is something you love and are so naturally good at. i’m happy you’ll do what you need to, to finish the course. is there a local library with a computer you could use in the meantime, while waiting for your service. as for k, i’d say just keep in contact, like you are doing, and stay your safe distance, retreating when you need to. that’s all that can be done sometimes, to keep yourself on a bit of an even keel in that area. i’m glad you’ll get to see the penguins soon, and sorry for your father’s fall. i hope that he feels better soon, and know that is another step in the winding down and slowing down process. hugs ) b

    • Thank you, yes, slowly but surely, life is returning to..well to what it did prior to a few months ago. Yes it was a Service that I won’t forget for quite a while, our weather will be just as atrocious tomorrow, not good for the boys moving the furniture. If I knuckle down I should be able to finish it, but I’ve had 3 services over 2 weeks, so I am hoping it’s picking up..yes a safe distance is required and I’m still careful how I speak and my interaction with her, though she is the one who is phoning me. Yes Pop was lucky..again. and yes the process.. I guess seeing them, or living with them for so many weeks has helped me to adjust a little in how their lives now are. Hugs and thank you for reading and your kindness. ❤ xx

  2. Must be bitterly cold working in those outdoor conditions. 😦 Are there some kind of alarm things for the elderly….like alert thingymagigs? for if they have a fall?

    • It is and was, they have medallions you can wear like necklaces, called medi-alerts, they are quite expensive and I have looked into it with my penguins not shall I say get involved, but something needs to be sorted soon.

  3. I so feel for you out in the horrible weather. I hate the cold myself and I shiver as I read about your ordeal but you pulled through.
    Glad your furniture is arriving and will make your house more a home. ❤

  4. i am glad all was well after the fall…and oy, what a service eh? nasty weather…def does not make it easy…glad as many showed up as they did…and glad you have this to keep you busy with all that has been going on…

    • Thanks Bri, no it certainly didn’t, it what all a bit of a blur really. I enjoy being busy normally, so now is the most opportune time to keep that going ~ smiles, thank you for reading my friend.

  5. I have a photographer friend who blogs in Melbourne and it is pretty raw there right now. She focuses somewhat on the weather and time of year to get really beautiful photographs.

    People rarely choose when to die but hopefully you won’t have too many who go in such conditions.

    • Then her photographs over the last day or two would be amazing, though today though only below 10 deg the sun is out and the sky is blue. Melbourne so many seasons in one day. No we cant choose, it would be nice if we had that option. Thank you Jackie x

  6. Glad to hear you are doing well, Mums. I know all about those slips and falls of the Penguins, so I feel you on that one. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Missed that. Haven’t been around much.

    I am sure that you handled yourself with grace and dignity in the foul weather. Nice to see that your vocation is progressing so well. Truly a Noble Calling.

    Take care dear–

    • Hello JCC, thank you for popping in, that’s ok you’re forgiven, I don’t get around much of late either. Thank you, I love doing what I do and I can only hope the family were happy with what I did. Appreciate you reading.

  7. The Celebrant

    For Jenny

    Is it winter cuts its razor cold
    Through wool coat, scarf and gloves
    Or Death out in the open, not hidden,
    That pulls on her demeanor to note
    The beginning of a passing?

    She knows there is one who no longer
    Hears the words she, hopeful with courage
    Tries to read to everyone.

    It is for the family and friends instead
    She faces wind from all directions
    Becomes part of those mourners she does not know.

    Sniffles, coughs, breathes through words to read
    Not in sadness but to celebrate the dead.

    Today is different only in that each time
    She speaks comfort into the words
    Is always the first time
    She consoles herself.

    K. A. Brace

    • KB Can I say I am honoured and totally thrilled that you have done this. Thank you so much for taking the time and I am very happy with your words and that you thought to write this for me ~ smiles

      • Jenny it was my pleasure. Besides your excellent description of your experience that day touched me very much. I am only happy that it means so much to you. I am glad it came out as well as it did. I think anytime I can write a poem for someone in particular that I know is when I have truly done something with my craft. Best to you. >KB

  8. I think you may be surprised at how many read chat updates. Horrible weather for a horrible occasion. Tis strange that you battle winter and we battle the heat, I don’t think I will ever get used to that. Does Dad have one of those buttons he can push when he falls? they can be quite useful. Perhaps a whistle in his pocket would work.

    oh you get to unpack now, that is more fun.

    *super big hugs*

    • Yes horrible all round. 😦 he issue is they would forget to put the whistle in, or wear the alert. As pop is starting to get forgetful too a little now. I will work something out, unpacking some of it fun, the bit about where to put everything..not so much – smiles. Hugs & xxx

  9. Have been catching up on your blog. Sounds like it’s been pretty rough but things are now settling down for you. The battle can be so draining so anything that can replenish your spirit is a good thing. Glad to hear you are now on no. 27. Remember how far you have come from no.1 and the doubts you had then? Go Jen! Rain, hail, tempest or shine.

    • Thank you for doing that Jude, you are forgiven since you have been on holiday and had an amazing time as I saw. Yes the last few months have not been easy and with K there will always be ups and downs, but right at this moment, things are starting to be not so stressful. I must read back the post after I did my first one, not knowing what my future held back then. Thanks darling appreciate you reading <3. xx

  10. Geez the weather conditions sound miserable. How long did it take to thaw out? I’m so glad your comfys from home will be joining you soon. At least your surroundings will feel “normal.” Thinking of you…always. Love you.

    • It was lovely, quite some time, my hands even if the gloves were frozen, heater on in the car as soon as it finished. Then in front of the fire when I got back here. Still waiting for the boys to arrive with everything. I have some very heavy travatine marble pieces, dining and coffee table and mirror, I just hope they aren’t dropped 😦 thank you gorgeous . Love you too. xxx

  11. I’m sorry about Pop Penguins fall. 😦 I’m glad he’s okay. It sounds like things are taking shape for you at your new home. I would rather see the stormy weather than a stormy world. I hope things are settling for you. Hugs ❤

  12. You have lovely readers J. You are a special person performing these ceremonies, dedicated. I hope things continue to fall into some sort of familiar comforting ” place”

  13. Glad to hear you’re continuing with your course and getting bookings, although the funeral you described sounds horrendous. I hope today’s was drier and warmer. I hope too you spent the weekend spreading your furniture out in Mr S’s place and it feels more like home. Tell Pop he has nothing to rush out of bed for in the morning and to take things more slowly. 🙂

    • Hi lovely,thank you. Yes this one was inside a lovely room, with ceiling to floor windows, over looking the cemetery, the sun streaming in and the heater on, much more pleasant. I spent from 8am to 4 today and now 99% of everything is away, though some things have just been shoved in cupboards. I ran out of energ, pop had to go to the toilet..hence his rush 😦 xx

  14. 27 and counting… I can’t wait for your 50th. I am so, so happy your services are going well and in spite of the upheaval in the last few months, you are still hoping to complete your course. I have always believed it should be your vocation. I think you are brilliant darling.
    I feel so sad for Pop. These falls are so difficult at their age. My mum fell recently too and it breaks my heart that I wasn’t there for her.

    I’m so sorry I missed your email and could not help with a verse.

    • I can’t wait either darling.I hope to complete it, if we get the internet up & running. You make me warm & fuzzy with your comments ~ thank you. So sorry about mum, I know you must feel terrible not being there still. This is the time when accidents happen more frequently, but like me, we cannot be there all the time. Hugs. That’s ok, the Service went well, I thought I left it to late. xxxx

  15. saying that you’re a trooper doesn’t do you justice, Jen, nor does wishing you well seem like much more than a platitude – but nonetheless, you have earned each plaudit and hug (cyber or real) many times over ~

  16. Jen, your most beautifully penned words had me right there with you feeling the biting winds and wishing away the horrible weather. You almost had me reaching for my sweater! As I sit in my writing room looking out the window at ninety-degree weather, not wanting to step outside for the opposite reason, I can see you, words and nose running, trying to get through it all for the person of honor. This is what you were meant to do, my dear.
    Sorry to hear of Mr. Penguin’s fall. Happy to hear that the “distance” you’re maintaining is working for all concerns. YAY for your familiar things arriving!!! That will certainly help a lot. ((HUGS)) ❤

    • I don’t know about beautifully penned words, I am not near the writer that you are, but I do thank you. Yes it was awful weather and peeping below the umbrella, only seeing feet in front of me was a little hard as well. Thank you for sharing where you are when writing, you are right it makes a difference knowing. Thankfully my penguin is okay and no serious harm. They now have a baby monitor system set up in their bedrooms, so they can hear each other. Fingers crossed the distancing keeps things on an even keel. 9 hours of unpacking and pretty much done now…thankfully. HUGS back to you ❤ xx

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