Stepping Stones


You could continue walking
Allowing your ears
to hear the silence of your footsteps
Trusting in the quiet you hold so dear
to bring you comfort

Perhaps you should be louder
floorboards taking the place of carpet
Chances, decisions, confidence
in what you believe, in what you do
walk away from peace time battles

Into the throng and be heard

Copyright JMTacken

23 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

  1. My grandmother’s creaky floorboards were a comfort when I stayed with her. Bless her heart, she slept very little and roamed the house all night long.

  2. the silence of your footsteps … floorboards taking the place of carpet – wonderful metaphor. I feel you are still searching, looking for the right thing to do. Go make some noise and look after yourself .

  3. Love this, Jen! Just beautiful. The age old question…What do we allow our ears to hear? What to walk away from? And when to stand our ground (loudly). As I read this I got an image of tip-toeing across floor boards and then POP as one lets out a creak and we freeze. You’ve been frozen. Now it’s time to walk boldly, as you are. Yet, sometimes the quiet can be disconcerting as we wait for the next creak. LOVE! LOVE!

  4. This has so many ways you can interpret it, Jen! I loved how many directions your friends are commenting! That shows the beauty in your words! I think of this as me, (which in terms of poetry, aren’t we the readers to choose our own direction? Smiles!!) being rather timid, then realizing sometimes I need to be bolder and let someone ‘hear’ me! xoxo Robin

  5. ‘Perhaps’ is the word that floors me when I’m unsure of course to take. Indecision at when to make a fuss and when to bite the bullet. I dislike confrontation, as so many do, but sometimes it’s inevitable and right. Perhaps I need to tread on a few floor boards too in my quarter. We all have a right to be heard. I usually carry an oil can with me though to ease the way.
    A lovely and apt reflection, Jen, pondering the right way.x

    • Perhaps can say so much can’t it. I smiled at your oil can comment, yes being heard, making ourselves known, not hiding, sometimes big changes are called for, I shall see where it leads me. Thank you darling xx

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