Winter not so wonderland


Coats soon will be discarded
They’ll accompany the scarves
Alone they’ll wait until the
Day they’re desired again
Winds will blow dragging winter
Cold to other hemispheres
The sun waits gathering strength
To burst through clouds
Her temperatures bringing warmth
We long for strappy sandals
With sand touched toes
Bare shoulders, the sun against our backs
The days that never end
Balmy wine kissed nights
Lying on sheets counting stars
Through open windows
This time will soon to be ours again
To close the cupboard on winter
Knowing that its taken residence
Elsewhere in the world

Copyright JMTacken 7.8.2014

39 thoughts on “Winter not so wonderland

  1. yeah, you will be sending it to me…though we get to go through my fav season first…autumn….mmmm…..woodsmoke and scarves….though i hope your personal season changes soon as well…

    • Good morning, about to go to sleep here, yes I shall be but Autumn is quite glorious, it’s winter that depresses me more, so perhaps when the sun shines my ‘season’ will also change..thank you Bri for reading

  2. Oh, Jenny, I love this!! I keep forgetting that you’re having winter down under! I’m sending good thoughts your way that warm weather comes very soon and that you’re tan and wearing flip-flops!Winters are so confining and difficult. I know that our last one seemed so long that I thought I’d lose it if I didn’t see the green grass soon. πŸ™‚ Have a lovely upcoming weekend! πŸ™‚

    • Yes one of my pet hates is having to be a hermit in winter. My moods also reflect the dark skies, so I long for the sun and the daffodils, before the heat arrives. Thank you for loving it ~ appreciated. πŸ™‚ x

  3. beautiful, jen. but please don’t send it on my way this year, i had plenty of long visits from ole’ man winter last year and besides i think he would be happier in the arctic. )

  4. I did a double take when I saw your post. I thought I had re-blogged a past post in my sleep – this is the picture that I took along the James River for “Unpacking a Life.” “The sun waits gathering strength to burst through clouds.” My favorite line…just lovely, Jen! xo

    • I am so confused, as I don’t think I can copy pics of others posts, nor would I, as I don’t think that’s a nice thing to do, but if you took this photo? If I copied (and can’t remember) I do so apologise, but I don’t know how I could have. I get all of mine off the internet…I feel terrible now. Thank you though for enjoying lovely ~ hugs xo

      • No worries, Jen. I did indeed take this pic of the James River in Richmond, Va. I take most of my pics as playing with the camera is one of my other hobbies.

        PLEASE don’t feel bad – it just gave me pause, as you can imagine it would, seeing one of my pics. I’m glad that you liked it though, and it went beautifully with your lovely poem.
        hugs and love, my dear. ❀ ~Karen~

      • Sweetheart, this did concern me as I know I haven’t taken other people’s photos unless it was from a prompt site, so I looked on Google and typed in winter trees and lake and it is there as a wallpaper pic. 😦 x

  5. I’m with Brian. Looking forward to autumn; I’m tired of the heat of summer. Winter isn’t my favorite, but it’s pretty mild in my part of the world. I’m really glad you are getting out of the gray season, Jen. I’m hoping for lots of sunshine in your future. xxx

  6. No! Please. I don’t grudge you summer but that means winter for us. And I hate it. I completely get your feelings on it. Short days are a killer to mood and well-being. I think last year was the first in a long time that I didn’t enter the doldrums – must have been all the vitamin D I was swallowing! We haven’t had our fair share of sunny days this year – not bad but too irregular.
    The only consolation is Autumn which can be almost as fine for us as Summer.
    Your poem says exactly what I feel. ‘The days that never end’. How much more productive and calm life feels – so relaxed and mellow. I’m missing it already!
    I do hope its onset brings those glory days to you, Jen.x
    Better start looking out the jumpers. Bummer. πŸ˜‰

    • You made me laugh, what goes around… As they say, sorry darling. I know about Scottish weather, though I was there in Summer… the top of Edinburgh Castle was blowing a gale. I hope that Autumn is good to you sweety, but yes start scrummaging for those jumpers πŸ™‚ x

  7. This was pure magical poetry, Jen! I am wishing to have someone to lie on sheets, gazing at stars and the ideas you chose, putting blankets, coats, other warm items away and letting sun be on your shoulders. It should be made into a song, lovey!

      • I wish I could get Morgan Treni to read your poems, but that lass is quite busy writing her own lyrics. I adore the ‘strappy sandals’ and the ‘sand touched toes,” along with the “wine kissed nights” and the “bare shoulders” with sunshine pouring over them! It could have a reggae beat, a country music song or maybe rock and roll! Sheryl Crowe sings a summer time song, so does Colbie Caillet….Hmm. Who do you hope for, Jen? Maybe a man singing about how he likes his wine kissed nights with a brunette named Jen! Hugs, Robin

  8. Lovely words, but please can you keep winter a bit longer. I’m enjoying our summer. So saying we have had hideous showers today (apparently the tail end of hurricane Bertha) and I got soaked whilst picking blackberries. Love the images here: We long for stroppy sandals/ With sand touched toes, and here: Balmy wine kissed nights/ Lying on sheets counting stars/ Through open windows.

    • No I’m afraid I have to send it on its way, 2 more weeks and Spring hits and I so need to feel the sun on my face right now. I loved blackberry picking, sorry you got soaked though 😦 thank you for loving the imagery S. xx

    • A country song, it is! No, keep the off key singers, like myself, silent and allow the true ones to share their talent! I was so happy when you said it had been awhile since you laughed and you did the other day, on my funny post. Take care and almost into the weekend, on the downhill slump anyway! Wishing you a happy weekend with less worries and more relieved moments. Cheers!

      • It’s nice to laugh, I haven’t been very often doing so. Yes the weekend is upon us almost, off to do a Service now. Thank you hun, I hope that you and yours also have a wonderful weekend, thanks for your wishes, let’s hope they come true. Hugs & Smiles x

  9. Hello, I found you on Storytime with John as his #8 of blogs one must take a look at. My birthday is July 18, 1955. I am new to blogging and have written a memoir as well. I think we have a lot in common. (When you get down to it, don’t we all?) I’m going to follow you, and I hope you follow me as well. I write poetry and music, well, and childrens short stories. I am never grieving the empty nest though. It is always brilliantly busy around here. So glad John put you on his list. Have a very good day!
    Bonnie my blog is

    • Hello Bonnie, sorry for the late reply and thank you for looking me up from John’s blog and following. I will have a look at your site as soon as I can, my life is a little topsy turvy at the moment, but I will πŸ™‚ appreciate you reading. Hope you have a wonderful day also.

    • I hope by doing your Service, you felt at peace and one with the universe. You are giving a special gift in this, I appreciate that you do this, Jen! I had two weekends in a row with grandchildren, at parks with one gang and the pool with my duo of grandsons. Fun times and weekends are an oasis for me, shoring me up for the work of my week! Smiles, Robin Hope hugs and laughter with Mr. S ensued…

  10. Hey there Jen. Lovely lovely, can not wait for… balmy wine kissed nights. You remind me of Mother Nature’s cure… hibernating awaiting the sun to burst forth and warm you through lifting the vale, ready to start anew. This will be a good thing as you do thrive in the sun 😊 love as always Sus x

    • How poetically written was your answer. Thank you sweet – yes my moods are better with the sunlight. Hopefully we can catch up soon or have that sleepover – πŸ™‚ xxx Love you always. ❀

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