Butchers paper

Once it would have homed
Every day sausages or mince
Wrapped carefully with scarred hands
Not so this sheet

This was saved from a butchers store
Given to a kindergarten for a child
To explore with smaller hands unmarked
Paints and imaginations wild

The memories are not of striped aprons
Or neatly stacked white leaves 
They are of the coloured lines and
Circles not joining at the ends

Holding the smiling face
Dashes for eyes a dab for a mouth
A rainbow from corner to corner
Not going anywhere but my heart

Yet I held too long, these colours bunched
That only a mother holds close
I fold into four, meticulously and
Place in the box, not to see again

Butchers paper to some, discarded
To me the precious memories
Of my daughters hand
Her imagination running wild 

Copyright JMTacken 16.8.2014


46 thoughts on “Butchers paper

  1. This was just fantastic in its historical reference, butcher’s paper and its meaning. Moving into the beauty (and memories) found in a drawing from your most precious child. This is very special and it brings a lot of meaning into my life, who loves art and the different saved pieces of my children’s (and grandies) imagination, too. Hugs!

    • I have kept so many, but moving I had to cull quite a lot, but I won’t part with many much to Mr. S’s grunts, but they are stored not only in my heart, but now in the shed – thank you Robin, I do always enjoy your comments ❤ xx

      • Mr. S. adores that you have a sentimental side, I am sure! Glad you have a treasure box full of those, your daughter will appreciate this picture capturing her ‘wild imagination running…” possibly freer than it can ever be, now that she’s grown… I wish we could all stay carefree, my dear!

  2. I enjoy looking through the ‘treasure boxes’ from time to time, especially with the kids. Their giggles of delight at their own efforts in writing and drawing are so funny. It’s hard to cull those precious memories. One look at them transports you in time, just as you describe here, Jen. They are tangible reminders supporting memory and days that pass too quickly.

    • I had no choice sweet, when I moved here, so much had to be thrown, stored. I have kept a fair amount, as I just can’t throw them away. I have the majority of their stuffed toys, their baby clothes and their art & school work. So many memories you are right. Thank you for reading. x

  3. smiles…i have a few of those pieces of artwork in the side drawer by my bed…they are treasures….we even have a roll of it that we pull out on occassion…

    how are things with her now?

    • Excellent and yes treasures that money can’t buy. She is living in another house, they are having a difficult time financially and I get calls now and then, some wise mind, some meltdowns…so it’s one moment at a time still. At least I feel more ‘myself’ since we aren’t under the same roof.. Thank you for asking Bri, hugs.

  4. and now, my 15 year old son is 2″ taller than me, and his 13 year old brother won’t be too long, and I have tucked into a folder some of their art from when they were young. I know your daughter has been an ongoing challenge, Jen, and wish you well ~

  5. Oh that’s gorgeous. I can see the circles not joining, and I love the comparison between the hands. This was a much better use for that slice of butcher’s paper.

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