forgotten love

Please visit apagewithoutlines, who has just begun this site, you won’t be disappointed in her writing.


you peel away
at the outside layer
unveiling yet another
layer of thick skin
from life’s lessons
more to come
like an onion
softening as you draw near
to the center
of the fruit
a heart enclosed
in a chamber of hurt
still beating
to the song
of a forgotten

copyright, Rebecca Lynn, 8.15.14

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15 thoughts on “forgotten love

  1. I am so glad you re-blogged this one, Jen! It is just perfect, for me! Thanks and hope your tender heart is healing, some bridges, whether tentative or just imaginary, will be built over time. Between you and yours, who is needing a break, maybe hurting you by this, but the bridge from the past will meet the bridge from the future, I believe, joining forces with your daughter soon! smiles and hugs!

    • Thank you Robin and for your correction, but is knew what you meant – smiles. I am glad you felt this, I really enjoy her poetry, so thank you for reading. There are many blocks from the past, that my daughter continue to climb up on our way to recovery – hugs x

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