Fledgling Medium….

Maximum is a close girlfriend of mine, that I have known for many years. She was the one who introduced me into the world of ‘life beyond’. I am sure you will find this a fascinating read.

maximum9510's Blog

Sitting quietly meditating just for a short time, every day a few minutes keeping my Spirit Guides in touch
I should be I think to myself…..  Often
But always soo many others needs
Even though my will can be weak, Spirits come with evidence
If I want to succeed, as my mentor and teacher PLeads
Focus, find space a few minutes every day to keep my Spirit Guides strong, supportive, spectacular.

It is time
The Fledgling Medium standing to receive Spirit
knowledge for someone who has come
to see
to believe
to be fulfilled
Looking out to many expectant faces who are
waiting for evidence
waiting for Spirit
waiting for messages
waiting for Me
Close my eyes for a moment
silently ask my guides to join me
gently walking to and fro
Spirit is with me ~

I feel an energy drawing close
A female on a mother, grandmother vibration…

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15 thoughts on “Fledgling Medium….

  1. Wonderful of you to share your friend, along with the lovely words that transported me out into the unknown for a bit. I closed my eyes and thought about others in this world, who need their spiritual guides, along with my personal messengers… Peace and love to you and yours, Jen! xoxo

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