We walked on bridges
Stepped in a singular heart beat
Treading old boards
I’ll follow, I always will
Our lives were never separate

It was expected planks would
Loosen, precarious movements
In case we’d trip, stay safe
I follow, as I have
Till we reached our destiny

I didn’t notice the water swell
Algae rising to the top of once
Clear rivers, keeping it’s distance
From what lay below
What was lost and why




“Fiction”copyright 25.8.14 JMTacken


31 thoughts on “Paths

  1. The boards loosened, there were some algae or spots that appeared hazardous to your ability to stay connected. I have loved and lost, following so closely but still unable to see the mis-steps that led to the bridge separating us, instead of connecting us. Hugs for this, helping to sort out some of the cobwebs in my brain, too! Hugs, Robin

    • You are most welcome lovely, sometimes us humans take a while to learn, to see the signs, sometimes we miss them completely. It’s not an easy task, staying connecting, being ourselves is the most important, if we change ourselves in order to hold or to follow ~ we lose. Hugs and glad I helped with the cobwebs ~ smiles

    • It quite amazes me, I wrote it and thought at the time, it didn’t make sense at all, yet readers are thinking otherwise – which of course I am so glad ~ thank you sunshine for liking πŸ™‚ x

    • I am so glad you mentioned to not change ourselves. I have done this often, sometimes adjusting more than the other one did, until it felt like I did not exist as myself. Thanks for this additional thought, Jen!

      • Sometimes we change even if we don’t want to, but there must be a limit from wanting to connect and losing our individuality. As we grow older we seem to put the brake on changing ourselves. You are welcome πŸ™‚

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