The Age Of Revolution

A nice inspiring post to read this morning from the lovely Colleen – enjoy!

The Chatter Blog

I will not age gracefully.

I will age awkwardly and begrudgingly.  Anyone telling me to act my age will have to forgive me because the age I am I have never been before and will never be again.  What’s coming, I don’t know.  And what’s behind me can’t be brought back.   My age acting is a ridiculous expectation.

If there’ s a line to cross to go from able and willing and excited about life – to not.    I don’t know where it is.  And I don’t want to find it.   I’ve seen those who think they’ve crossed it and sat down to be done.   I’ve seen those who I would think have crossed it but they surprise me by running marathons, lifting weights and starting new careers.   This line is arbitrary.  It exists for some.  It does not exist for others.  And I have…

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6 thoughts on “The Age Of Revolution

  1. So awesome that you incorporated Colleen’s blog here, she is all kinds of thoughtfulness, fun and inspiring, along with honest to a “T!” I love that we don’t want to admit to aging and wish we could stay how we envision ourselves, right?! Hugs to Colleen and Jen, too, for reblogging this great post!

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