A different style of Chat

Seeds and a

a face lit up showing basil shoots

sprouting that she planted

in a used glass jar

artworks displayed

car drive with chatter


smiles on the face

she ate Thai green curry

that blended with

the colour of her hair

we talked

then new clothes and shoes

her boots falling apart

warm weather on its way

a visit to the penguins

dropped back home

both enjoyed

my girl and I


K  had to cancel her outing with her sister, as she had locked the keys in her car and B/F J had gone to do a gardening job, taking the spare with him.

They have made another catch up date for next weekend. I am so happy.

I picked K up and we went for lunch, bought her some clothes and  summer shoes.

We then visited the penguins and I took her back home.

We had a good day, we laughed, we talked, we discussed B (her sister) and Borderline and what she experiences.

She was nervous about moving,  but today they went and saw J,  the wonderful lady who has offered them a room and she now feels a bit more comfortable about having to relocate again.

Mr. S and I  did 11 hours of non stop painting today. I have only just lain on the couch and every muscle and joint is starting to seize ugh! Tomorrow I have an hour massage a birthday gift from a girlfriend, then I am meeting her for lunch. I am SO looking forward to it!

Wednesday I have a Service to conduct in the afternoon, then visiting penguins again.

Thursday, Mr. S and I are flying to Nelson Bay in NSW to stay in a tree studio with spa, for 6 nights. I shall be taking my IPad, but if I don’t catch up on reading you all, or being around..well that’s the reason why.




43 thoughts on “A different style of Chat

  1. Sounds like a well deserved 6 days break. Nelson Bay is a great place to unwind and replenish so enjoy every moment. Hey Jen, this means we will be in the same State for 6 days. That means we’re almost neighbours. Happy for you that K’s new home sounds homely and welcoming.

    • Jude..neighbour, I am so looking forward to it, I hear that it’s beautiful. I shall be unwinding and taking in the beauty of it all. Thank you, I hope that K settles down quickly, as the last few months have been tough on her as well.

  2. I loved the way you pieced the poem together, it created an interesting feeling of taking snapshots of the two of you on your day…glad you enjoyed, hope you have a fantastic time in the trees:)! Enjoy!

  3. I liked the fact you are so open. I am glad you don’t care about hair dye or surface things, but try to reach the ‘heart’ of the matter with each member of your family. So happy the movie date will be re-scheduled. Very happy about your going to do a Service, you are amazing with these. Then, whisked off for a sweet, special, quiet, and relaxing tree studio apt. setting with your dear Mr. S. We are so not worried about your contacting us, since you deserve (after the stress of family, the 11 hours of painting and giving a lot of your soul and emotions into the service…) REST and RELAXATION, Jen!! Hugs, xoxox Robin

    • Robin, in all honesty, it took me a while to adjust to her new colours..but I imagine Cindy Lauper style, her true colours are shining through. The other week it was blue, then pink, now green. It’s also a way for Borderlines of ‘finding’ themselves. Thank you, the service has now been read to the daughter, who commented wonderfully. I’m now getting excited about Thursday morning, airport, only an hour and a bit flight, then relax. I hope that I do have internet service up there, as I want to keep up with everyone and hopefully write about what I’m experiencing, but I shall rest and relax I promise – hugs back sweety xoxox

      • I had that art school daughter who had her father send her back home after she arrived with bright neon pink strands that were not all over her head, but in barrettes, wearing a pretty long black velvet dress that had pink roses on it, she drove about two hours back to my house, where my parents, my ex and my youngest daughter were celebrating Thanksgiving. My ex, her Dad, cut his nose off to spite his face, so to speak. Over the years, they have built a tentative trust, but as my Mom and Dad embraced her, while she cried bunches, I felt that I would never do this to another person. Rejecting for the hair color, or other surface things. It is hard with your daughter, since you are so right, she is finding herself, learning how to love herself and also maneuvering the ‘in’s and out’s’ of her mental illness. I love the image of Cindy Lauper, especially love her song, Jen! How perfectly fitting to picture this, gritting your teeth inwardly, at times, I am sure! So happy you had a girlfriend day with massage and lunch out. Soothing before the rather horrible news of your dear Mum’s fall….
        Isn’t it ALWAYS something?!!! xoxo Robin

      • You story brought a tear. I wish my penguins would embrace K, they can’t understand her illness nor does the rest of the family and it makes it so hard for me, let alone K. In fact none of them have asked about her since I left the house to live with my penguins. I feel we are an ‘occasion’ family, as birthdays, Christmas is the only time we all see each other, otherwise we hardly are in contact. I think your daughter is special and I admire those who ‘Be’ themselves, it took some mind changing on my part, but I am now more accepting. Hugs and love R xox

    • Thank you AM, very sweet of you. Yes I am hoping when they do meet next week that it goes well, as all mums would..there will be ever changing moments still, but fingers crossed and Yay to the break ❤ x

  4. Sorry-just getting caught up on things. I am beyond excited that you and Mr. S. are getting away. Good for you! Also happy to hear that you and K had a good day. Then I read about your mom. Geez, we reach the age where we are almost home free with our kids being independent and then our parents become our children. Does this seem fair to you? Ugh.

    • We leave in the morning. Thank you darling, excited and hesitant. I visited mum penguin this afternoon, she’s not in a good way at all and she has a long road to recovery now. Yes, hun, I thought dealing with K and her issues would be..it, but not so. No it’s not fair, bit I guess expected to a certain extent. At least she is in the hospital for the time we are away and will get the drugs and help she needs. Pop is so upset too. So relying on brother to step up. Blah really, never rains but it pours over here 😦 ❤ xxx

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