Today’s chat

Warmth of the dimly lit room

music playing softly

Warm fluffy robe

bare feet in warm water, I wait

the massage begins, then

onto the table, clothed in

warm towels

back, shoulders, legs

arms, neck, face

remedial and relaxation

hot towels


wake up?

has it been an hour?

must I?

lunch with girlfriend

laughs, window shopping

back home

painting still continuing

back tender from the hands

that brought such pleasure

relaxed, read the wording

of the Service to the daughter


text comes through

mum in hospital

washing brought in

tripppps on the grass

broken right arm

near shoulder

visit tomorrow after Service

bring essentials in

Oh My Goodness


Yes, Β just when I thought things were picking up, mum has a fall this evening.

They don’t wish to operate at 85, it’s too risky. She will be in plaster for quite some weeks and it’s her right arm…yup I can read what you’re all thinking..






37 thoughts on “Today’s chat

  1. Sorry about your mom ❀ well.. great written and very relaxing to read.. ( not the part about your mom tho.. ) πŸ™‚ have a nice day!

    • Thank you, trying it for a while, not striving to have poetical genius happening with lines like this, just saying what I need in the shortest way possible.:-) Yes she did..timing… poor mumma penguin (thank you) but grrrr too ❀ xoxo

  2. Oh I am so sorry Mum took a fall, love. And the right side too. Sending hugs.
    That massage sounds amazing. I could do with one for my aching back right about now.
    Life is never ever smooth is it?

    • My back thankfully is better than lat night – a few twinges after it, but it was wonderful, I’d have one a week if I could afford it πŸ™‚ Life smooth – errm nope it seems not. Now we have to look at care or me move back in… Hugs and love darling xoxoxo

    • That’s a positive way of taking the news – thank you darling, I guess I was. Now this morning, a little more stressed about it. Service this afternoon, then go into the Hospital to see her. Hugs ❀ xx

    • She will be in plaster for over 6 weeks, now she will need care at home, she’s right handed, so getting showered and dressed with an arm in plaster won’t work 😦 I had an amazing day till then hun – thank you ❀ xx

      • No I’m an hour away and going away for a week tomorrow is not helping. She may be in hospital for 1-2 weeks, but her spirits already are so flat. The sling thing they have her in is so tight and her skin is sensitive and thin. The room they put her in is dismal and she told them that 😦 she’s not happy 😦 ❀

  3. I am so sorry, now listen to me, as your distant friend who adores you: “Don’t give up your trip and escape with Mr. S, so you stay and help out with your Mum!!” Leave some microwaveable foods, hoping your father (do you call him Dad? Penguin) will be able to handle some of her personal care. I think filling a basin with water, she can ‘sponge bath,’ and she can handle the other tasks… hopefully! My mind runs to the details, since I have had to go help my own Mom, back a few years, before we placed her in the senior living apartments…
    Hugs for your dear sweet Mum, hoping that your Dad is not all in a ‘tizzy,’ and you will proceed off for your Thursday escape in record time!! Hugs, Robin

    • You were reading my mind hun. No I’ll go away, she will be in Hospital for the time we are gone now, the best place for her. She will have to get someone in, or perhaps moved to a home, where they can look after her, but because of her dementia, she may put her foot down.. She fell 3 years ago and broke her right wrist, so she knows what she’s in for, unfortunately. Yes it’s all the little things, that she won’t be able to handle with her left arm only. Dressing..everything… About to phone the Hospital to see how her night went. The Service this afternoon, then over to the Hospital to see her and take some essentials in. Hugs darling ~ thank you so much ❀ xox

    • You made me laugh darling – my point exactly. Thank you sweet, it could be months till she’s mended as they won’t operate. Physio everything ugh 😦 I shall gently hug her this afternoon ~ thank you ❀ xxx

      • Yes..six weeks of ..oh dear I don’t want to even think about it πŸ™‚ thanks pet, perseverance is required. Pop will be in a bit of a state to, brother to the rescue now as he lives close, unlike me. Thanks for the hugs and hugging you back πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx

    • Hi sweetheart, no unfortunately she isn’t, they have to keep giving her pain killers and this is really only day one :-(. We are going though, I hate to leave now, depending on what care or when she leaves hospital, which may be a week or so, I may go back and live with the for a while so I can care for her, thank you < 3 x

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