Possibly last chat for 6 days..how will you all cope??


security checks

bags through

rumbling across the conveyor


no throw them out

nail scissors




the cafe staff

have a nice day..have a nice day


flight calls

brew slurped



possibly no wifi

living in a tree

probably expected

how shall I cope?

just perhaps

get over it and enjoy?




So I may be off the air altogether.

Mumma penguin not a happy girl this morning, in fact I think she took herself back to England and the War..       😦

I am trying to just let it be and swing through those tree tops..or possibly not..

Try not to miss me ya’all.



30 thoughts on “Possibly last chat for 6 days..how will you all cope??

  1. Swing through the trees, or not, do what you want! I’ve had a far bigger break without internet. I still don’t have it, but I am sneaking some blog time in just before I finish at work! I hope you are well, my dear. I have missed a lot. It’s good to be back here though.

  2. Hope this all went as expected, much needed rest, relaxation and a little bit of excitement, too! I liked this poem, its entry through the airport and into the magical realm of tree living! Hugs!

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