It’s the holiday chat…see I can’t leave you alone..sorry

Hello everyone,

the holiday thus far…

One and half hours flying, arrived to a cool breeze but sunshine. Trying to take photos inbetween my phone dying.

The apartment is gorgeous. I will post the photos on my return as I can’t download them onto my IPad.  Ascending 17 steps, the wooden studio perches amongst the gum trees. We settled in, then went for a walk down to the local beach of golden sands and blue surf. It’s a little chilly, but it’s sunnier than Melbourne.

Went into the local town, bought some supplies…yes wine. 🙂

Then back to change and go out for tea, cheese and garlic bread and a seafood platter, consisting of mud crab, oysters, fish, calamari, crab, scallops, salad and was yum.

Back to the studio and a glass of complimentary port that was left for us, as well as a bottle of champagne and chocolates….romantic.

We had two visitors though, possums, Mr. S said don’t feed them they’ll keep returning. I ignored him and got out some bread, which they took from my hand.

Back inside I watched a bit of a TV and promptly after that we both fell asleep. I will keep away any gruesome details if we don’t fall asleep. 🙂

Awoke this morning with the calls of the local bird life, hot shower above the spa which I will be trying tonight, dressed and out to the golfing range.

As I write this, I sit in the buggy, driving around the course whilst Mr. S is not having his best game, the bunkers are looking very attractive to him this morning it seems…

Home front, mumma penguin is being moved into a Rehab facility today, as she hated the Hospital. I don’t think she knows what has happened to her, breaking her arm, as she told Pop that we have abandoned her and according to my brother, Pop didn’t sleep well last night because of it.

I cannot change the situation, though I am thinking of her and Pop constantly, but this is time for me  and Mr. S (though I do feel guilty writing that).

So that is the holiday so far, I’m better off writing as I go, otherwise the post when I return home will be too long to read.

Trust, that I am not spending all my time on my IPad, but enjoying and trying to relax as much as possible on this little get a way.





24 thoughts on “It’s the holiday chat…see I can’t leave you alone..sorry

  1. Put the guilt down and walk away from it. The Penguins would WANT you to have a great time. And having a great and relaxing time will return you refreshed and restored for doing more when you return. 🙂

  2. Well that sounds wonderful, here’s to good weather, good wine and good company! Enjoy dear, no more guilt, the givers need strength to give, relax and rebuild yours…:)

  3. It is hard to resist writing while away, I fully intend to pay attention for 7 days to my Mom and brothers the last week of October… but I will be back on the computer sometimes, it is addictive and irresistible. But, you also are so right, Jen! If you don’t dabble a little in your blogging, you will feel overwhelmed and bogged down when you get back! So sorry, your Mum is going to be in pain, in the next stage of recuperation in the new location, but you must be ‘selfish’ or otherwise, the times with Mr. S. won’t mean as much… Lecture over, fun continues, even if you are back! Bask in the fact that there were times you were very devoted, there has to be a ‘balance’ in your life. You needed this break! Hugs xoxo

  4. Writing on my iPad is wonderful when I’m sitting outside and when Mr.S is playing golf..also addictive. I am seeing mumma penguin tomorrow. She seemed happier and accepting of what’s ahead the last couple of days. The sun is beginning to shine more which makes me more relaxed. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time with your mom and brothers. Hugs ❤ xx

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