try to understand

if silence decends

they want your arms around them

though words often unspoken

read their soul

as you walk side by side

and winter holds the stars

they want your hand in theirs

they may not say directly

how are you to know

their needs and wants

even after time

as blossoms paint the hills

if signs are missed

take the chance, reach

and do it anyway


copyright J Tacken 25.9.2014


I shall post some holiday pics next week, I have missed writing poetry though.






29 thoughts on “Attention

  1. It’s so hard it seems, for some to show the signs or ask for the help. And even when people want to help, they fear they are misreading signs and fear upsetting someone if they offer help. Truth in your words Jen.

  2. What a lovely way to welcome you back. Beautifully written. My silence is sometimes like this, the smallest gesture like a hand being held, can lift the spirit no matter what the woes are.
    Oooh can’t wait to see photos.

    • Thank you darling, huggles. Hopefully I can get them loaded next week,I’m have so much stuff going on at the moment, sitting at the computer requires dedication for me, instead of just grabbing the IPad. My silence is like this too.. ❤ xx

  3. “if signs are missed
    take the chance, reach
    and do it anyway”
    I smile at the thoughtful nature of these words. I have come to know you to be one of the persons who would heed them always. 🙂
    I hope you are doing good. Unfortunately, I have become one of those bloggers who would return after a while and say hello and disappear again.

    • It doesn’t matter that you pop in to say hello then disappear, your studies are important and must take priority. You will always be a poet my friend, thank you for your kindness that you always give to what I do. I hope you are well, I had a few rough patches, but I’m okay today. Thank you for your hello anmol. 🙂

  4. This was touching, literally and figuratively. It meant a lot to me, it got me thinking a bit, too. Wishing I had a man to reach out to, but realize that children although grown, also need me to make the ‘first move,’ too. Many dimensional poetry and so wonderful, Jen!!

    • Thank you darling. Yes unless you bump into the man of your dreams whilst doing the weekly shopping, you do have to make the first move(said in kindness) thank you Robin for your kindness, as always. Hugs ❤ x

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