The Holiday with Pictures

This is what greeted us as we walked up the 17 steps into the tree tops. photo-7 The inside as soon as we walked in was photo-20  to our leftphoto-8                 to our right photo-11

(also included complimentary champagne, port, chocolates and fluffy robes)

then looking out to the deck

photo-10   then opposite the bed photo-9

This is what we ate quite a bit of every morning, on our own little BBQ on the deck (hence the diet now) photo-17  this is who came for leftovers IMG_0488    IMG_0490

these arrived for late night snacks of apple and bread (5 at one stage) but one was a tad nasty and kept trying to steal the quieter one’s food or race into the open door. They will miss me now. photo-5  photo-3  photo-15

Aboard step lightly, one and a half hours travel past the heads to sea, in search of whales me hearty shall we see a pod? They didn’t disappoint, up they rose majestic from the ocean floor. Fins and tales putting on a show two, three, magnificent beasts slapping the surface of water beneath their fins. There were “awws and oohs” as another was seen, take care you beauties of the deep look after your babies as I do mine. This ocean so wide, let you not be touched, nor harpoons thrust in your back. Run free, run wild.

The below pic is when she came close to our boat IMG_0416   IMG_0450  Truly a magnificent day, watching the whales show off for us.  I have a video of 2 jumping, but I can’t get it to download, keep getting an error 😦 and we saw some seals on the way back. IMG_0468 Then a quiet dinner in a cafe near the marina, surf and turf (steak and garlic prawns) glass of sublime. The below is moi outside the Marina in the morning before the whale watch, grumpy face as

#1 He didn’t say ‘ready?’ #2 Hadn’t swallowed a mouthful of coffee yetphoto-13 Today woke early, holidays..and we don’t sleep in. Ferry ride across to Tea Garden Island. Lunch in the local pub, grilled fish and walked around. On the way back saw 2 dolphins but they didn’t surface for long 😦  then drove to Anna Bay and saw magnificent sand dunes. Like the Sahara desert, the sand stretched as far as the eyes could see. IMG_0482 IMG_0480 We didn’t partake in the Camel rides as we had both experienced them before. That night a cafe at the Marina for tea, no pics was just a cafe. Yesterday we climbed Tomaree head look out,  2km straight up… My legs, my calves my glutes cried out in pain, but the view was pretty awesome. Below are pics from the top. IMG_0492   photo-18Then to the bowling club for a late lunch, then back home. No pics – a bowling club’s a bowling club.

Had a spa to cure my aching bones and muscles. Quiet night in.

Today Mr. S went for an early round of golf – I tagged along. This is what you call a half selfie taken along side a serious golfer. photo-6 On the Monday, I was picked up by a fellow blogger friend – ‘ Summerstommy’, Michael and we drove to his home. I even saw where the fairies lived too. 🙂 Michael showed me Morphet, then Mr S joined us and we went into Maitland to a lovely old pub for lunch. It was a lovely day – thank you my friend.

This was the cutest foal I spotted whilst we were seeing the sights, so naturally Mr. S had to stop for my photo. photo-14   Our last day we drove around to a few different beaches, some nicer than others, we then went out for tea..all we seem to have done is eat…the joys of holidays is it not? photo-12 This was the last night, as we sat on the foreshore, eating our hot fish and chips from the paper and occasionally me feeding the seagulls, we watched the sunset…awwwwwww.   Hope you have enjoyed my holiday pics, sorry for the long post, but you have the 6 days in one hit now 🙂 x


PS I had the photos al lined up nicely with the writing, if they are everywhere after I post… I tried 🙂

39 thoughts on “The Holiday with Pictures

  1. Whao! So hard to pick one favs – they are all beautiful photos of amazing places/scenes and your uninvited-but welcome-all the same guests snacking on left overs. Loved them all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place looks amazing. I love all the experiences that you and Mr. S. were able to have. I know you needed this time away. Can we just talk about that tree house? Wow…my kind of place.

  3. I love this place. A whole tree house to yourself with fluffy robes, possums and kookaburra( i hope I remembered to spell that one correctly, shame if I got it wrong 😉 love, love, love your whole experience. Woo hoo, golf, wine and comfort food. Good on you darling, you absolutely, totally deserved every bit of this getaway.

  4. Lovely photos – hope you came home feeling refreshed. Very jealous about the whales and the colour of the water and those skies. Moving into autumn here and it’s mostly grey.

    • Yes I can see your green eyes from here. 😞 it was quite beautiful, at least you have autumn and your winter hasn’t set in yet. We are to experience a very hot summer again too. Revere shed but ready for another, what a pity we can’t be on permanent vacation … xx

  5. Jen, I am very sorry I didn’t arrive here to greet you on your arrival home! I loved the post, from beginning to end. I love the pic of Mr. S, he seems just right for you! I loved the smile on your half-selfie, too. I loved the tree house, the cute creatures and the way you shared your bbq breakfast photos, too. You caught the whale jumping up and showing off, we can picture the 2… I know what you mean, when you climb uphill the calves really hurt. The sand dunes were lovely, my friend. I will treasure this, since you will have this posted for months and months. I had nice vacation two years ago, meanwhile I love to see my Mom and visit her. I will have my ‘escape’ again someday, along with my own Mr. I believe! Smiles, Robin xox

    • Thank you I believe he is too 😉 I was laughing over the hills in the buggy, hence only get a half one in. Where did you go on vacation? The holiday pics from anyone are wonderful to see. I will smile widely when you have your Mr. and I hope it will be soon! I met mine on a dating anything is possible! Thank you for your lovely comment as usual. Hugs and love ❤ xxx

      • My vacation was with the fisherman that was the one I chose to hang onto while the other 99 dates got the boot! I made a mistake, falling hard for him but we had about a year together before his ex-girlfriend came back and managed to lure him away! We went to Florida, I had met 4 of his 5 siblings, his ex called him ‘stupid’ and mean things, did not like any of his family (they loved me! smile!) He bought a shelf for my clothes and gave me a key in a very short time, I never wanted to look too deeply into his past. I believed what I saw… Anyway, she has a lot of money and able to do things like share, give and offer him trips, clothes, jewelry, woolen coats and leather shoes. I paid my half of the trip, but would never be able to give him what she can. I just now, over 18 months of allowing myself to answer his calls, weekly, reading his emails, stopped this month listening. My brothers liked him a lot, said he had been so good for me, I was laughing and happy… oh well! I am not ready to do much but smile and talk to men at the library and grocery store. I do this a lot but so far, no bites! Thanks for letting me share, how long did your calves ache from the hike up Tomaree?

      • That’s some story. Well if the lure of new shoes and woollen coats attracted him, he sounded very superficial and you’re better off without him. I hope you meet your man in the library, the grocery store. He will be there and he will appreciate you and not be attracted to the material things. 😊 hugs

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