I dare you to look away

Alright, so I’m watching Embarassing Bodies. A UK show, where nothing..I mean NOTHING is out of bounds.

So for tonight’s viewing we have a woman who thought she was allergic to sperm, for over 20 years, having the old nookie was terribly painful. Turns out she had a reaction to being touched, stroked etc and just needed anti histamines..who would have thought.

Now we look at a gentleman to see if he can get back back his normal penis. Yes the poor Chappy had some obscure disease, which surgery could only cure. I was fortunate? to see his operation, well the end of it.. His first operation left a massive gash from one end to ..well the other, which had to be left open for 6 months (I can see you men squirming)before he could have the 2nd. Clap hands everyone the 2nd one was a success and now he can pee and do the other thing he needs to do with it, without any discomfort.

At least the last patient, didn’t have to strip down, she had ear implants. Not quite as ‘woah’ as the last one. The poor love was born without ears, now she has two chiselled out from her rib cage, an implant and can now thankfully she can hear.

For those who haven’t watched this show, I know it’s all in the name of medical …no it can’t even be called medical science. It’s a program that perhaps is trying to encourage those with more than the unusual bodily issues to come forward.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen drop your pants, take off your bra and knickers and stand proud!

I couldn’t imagine fronting up to one of these acclaimed doctors in their mobile vans, (they are good doctors by the way) who tour the countryside to find those willing to show every body part imaginable on public television. I mean what will their co workers think? Strangely though, it’s a program that sucks me in, though it does turn my insides out on occasion.

Thankfully now for my viewing pleasure I have Gordon Ramsay in Hotel Hell…okay it’s the better of two evils.

PS: I didn’t have poetry in me, I haven’t any more news on the Penguins..this is all I had.

36 thoughts on “I dare you to look away

  1. We have a similar show here and it does make me wince and cross my legs at times but, like you, I get sucked in watching it! I don’t know how people can go on TV with their very “different problems” – I’d be so embarrassed! The most leg-crossing episode was when they were testing a football team for STDs and we saw the procedure – YUK! Think even Gordon Ramsay would be preferable!

    • Hello Sandy,
      Welcome and thank you for reading and your comment. I see you are a fellow Aussie! I guess we are suckers for the gross πŸ˜€ I think I saw the one you are referring to and yes that wasn’t pretty at all lol. Gordon was much better! Hope you return and thank you again.

  2. I can’t watch these shows because I get a little squeamish. Speaking of ‘what will their co-workers think?’ My sister was watching this show one night and saw her co-worker on there. He was having a penis extension (or something) because he was born with an unusually tiny penis. When she saw him at work he was very proud of the job and not embarrassed at all (I think my sister was far more embarrassed) lol πŸ˜€

    • Oh I’m so glad that some one knows of someone who actually experienced this…though poor baby. I guess it all boils down to attitude doesn’t it? I would have been more embarrassed I mean which way do you look? 😜

  3. We could suggest you have far too much time on your hands Jenny, but other peoples misfortunes are other people’s fascination, just think a hundred or so years ago they might have been in side shows.

  4. OMG, this blew me away! I know I’ve not been by for a while, but when I was more internet blessed I was reading a lot of poetry. I don’t think I’ve read ‘you’ for a really long time, and I have to say this was so cool. First, it was laugh out loud. Second, because I don’t watch tv, this was like doing my favourite thing – reading and learning about another favourite thing! Love you, lady writer! xx

  5. I like movies with some nudity, but not ones with surgery. sorry, love! Anyway, did you ever see the movie, “Calendar Girls?” I absolutely loved those older but wiser women with their holding baked goods in front of their body parts. Of course, I also loved, “The Full Monty,” despite it not being all that sexy and all. I liked the movie, “Body Heat,” with dear man from Pretty Woman, Richard Gere. It was indeed steamy, not so much nudity but the romance was there! I don’t like blood, Jen! I get faint and have to put my head down and breathe in a paper sack! Fun post, no need for updates if you wish to be creative, do, but otherwise we just read it all! Smiles!

    • Yes I saw the Calendar Girls it was very funny. Richard is one of my oh so heart throbs, always enjoyed watching him and his movies 😜 lol blood doesn’t phase me that much. Depends what mood I’m in though,mother it’s not so much the blood but cutting of muscles or bones that does my head. Thank you hun and for reading so many of my posts or commenting on them, appreciated as usual ☺️ xx

  6. (So late catching up with all your posts.) I imagine this is addictive watching – only ever catch it in the ad breaks – but the people going on must have such balls to show their all.

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