She looks


Her elongated fingers held
the delicacy
sinews raised across tanned hands
looking older than her years
her eyes closed momentarily
her youth had gone but not her years
she saw them laughing, the girl
throwing back her auburn hair
and he captivated

The way she stood, feet parted
held in leather sandals
one foot slightly turned
grass blades tickling her ankles
she the centre of his universe
they meet in sight of her
in spite of her
yet she doesn’t cry or scream

he teases anticipating confrontation
holds no value in his heart
her thin fingers slide along the
curtain hem
he won’t be granted the satisfaction
not today

Copyright JMTacken 21.10.2014


39 thoughts on “She looks

  1. good for her…not giving him the satisfaction…though it can be hard at times because of our own needs…nice zoom in on her…the description in the second stanza in particular…it says much just through description…

  2. I am always fascinated by the perceptions we have on incidents within our lives Jenny. This poem has for me a depth with extends to visions of aging parents and where their minds go at times when they become distant from us.

  3. Lovely, lovely. You’re doing what you’re brilliant at, what I love and wish I could do – words and pictures. Someone else had mentioned the sight/spite lines – they caught my eye, i could not get away from it. I went back and re- read. Oh how marvelous you are.

    • I would like to see you try, I’m sure that you are more than capable my lovely girl. Thank you for always giving me the boost and compliment that keeps me writing. I don’t know about marvellous, but I try, hugs from Oz. xxooxx

  4. I loved this, details that help us picture her now. Sad image, through the other side of a curtain, one that is not easy to view. I am easily riled and jealous. I am glad she is an independent woman, she won’t be teased nor enticed, unless she wants to…

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