Chat Time

    Last night I wanted to write a poem, I had it in me, waiting to burst out, as it’s been days and my writing has fallen by the way side. Alas, it wasn’t to be, when time fails you and you feel as stretched as pizza dough, the brain cells don’t seem to fire as well.

    So I apologise once again, that I haven’t kept up with all your posts either 😔

    I had 3 Services this week, whilst staying at a girlfriends home minding her two puppies, as they are in Fiji for 2 weeks.
    It’s been a little holiday in some respects staying here, they have a beautiful home and a pool (sadly the water just a little too cold for my liking) so I didn’t take a dip. They have a butlers kitchen, no they don’t have a butler, as well as the main kitchen, filled like a supermarket, so there has been no dieting for me this week.🐖

    The Services went well, the seond one was for a Chinese family, I was quite surprised to conduct as normally they have monks, but the daughter of the deceased is Christian and happy to have a Celebrant. The Service was at 11:30, back near home, so an hours drive to get there from where I am now. Then at 12:30 they served refreshments in a marquee attached to the chapel room. Dim sims, fried prawns, Thai fish cakes, spring rolls, sushi..again 🐖🐖

    As in Chinese culture they cannot bury there dead till 2pm, I had to wait to conduct the committal at the graveside. It was very interesting, as when I finished, a lady starting praying with her beads. They had some of of the deceased’s clothes ready to burn in a large red metal urn and also incense. This could only be done after 4 pm and that is when the grave must be filled in.
    The ‘big boss’ was in attendance, so I am glad it went well.
    Yesterday was the Anniversary one year of being a celebrant, 42 services. Where has that time gone??

    This afternoon, Mr. S and I, together with another couple are going away for 4 days (Friday-Tuesday), only an hour and a half drive away to a place called Alexandra. We are staying in a cabin.

    Yes, as last time, I shall be taking my iPad and hope to be able to write at some point. Only hope I don’t get any ‘distressed’ phone calls this time.

    Side note, mumma penguin has to remain another 2 weeks in the hospital where she is, I visited her yesterday for 2 hours and she is looking older, this is taking its toll. Her memory is slipping quickly too. I asked her the other day to tell me the members of the family…she struggled. After here she then has to spend a further ‘up’ to 4 weeks in rehab. This will be a total of 12 weeks out of her home. Pop is suffering, he misses her so. He feels he his declining rapidly…

    K has had a few ’bouts’ going from one extreme to the other, which is also distressing.
    My life will one day turn around and be able to wake in the morning without worry, I can only hope so anyway.

    So until I do get to writing again, take care everyone, hope you are all well and be happy.


34 thoughts on “Chat Time

  1. how interesting that service sounds, i love the traditions. take care of yourself and enjoy your break, you deserve it as always. and the world will go on, drop the weight of it off of your shoulders for a bit.

  2. i would be totally fascinated with the various cultures…burning the clothes and not until 2 pm…interesting….i hope the words find you…but until then…i wish you smooth sails…

  3. I always enjoy your chats. Wow! 42 services is quite a lot for your first year! Excellent job!
    I’m glad you’re getting away to a cabin. Sounds romantic–enjoy yourself and think peaceful, relaxing thoughts. 🙂

  4. You’re going away, fantastic. Let it go, enjoy, relax. Completely need it, especially when you are feeling stretched like pizza dough.. Btw, I’m feeling stretched too. Should we make pizza do you think? Well, maybe another time.
    I love how you had to wait until 2pm. We do things a little differently too, don’t bury but cremate, no funerals on Fridays or is it Saturdays? Well something like that. My husband’s culture is the same, they have their own rituals. I am fascinated by the burning ritual. What does it signify I wonder? How wonderful that you were asked to be a part of the family’s goodbye to their loved one. Gives me happy feet – like the movie.
    In spite of being stretched thin, It was my birthday today. I made it my day, took time, sat down, enjoyed breaky.
    We will chat later. Poor mum, and poor pop. I can’t imagine what this is doing to them.

    • I am a way! 😊 sitting on the balcony in the caravan/cabin park. Listening to kids running around in the dark, smelling an open Fire somewhere and adults sitting outside having drinks and chats. We are alongside the Goulburn River. Pretty jam packed park, but along the river looks beautiful, will investigate tomorrow. Yes let’s make pizza 😉 primarily bad luck to keep the clothes of the deceased. They also have to be dressed in the best attire, so when they arrive to the other world they are looking swish, hence money envelopes are also thrown in, so they have some money to spend on their next journey.. Now the most important part HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING!! 😄🎂🍹Whoop! I hope you had a fabulous day sweetheart. Glad you chilled a little. Yes we will chat later, mum and pop are not fairing well 😦 love you xxx

  5. Enjoy your break away, Jen. There’s always something going on in life to test, it seems, so maybe it’s how we take it that makes the difference. You sound like you’re taking it better, more accepting almost of the nature of it. Not quite shrugging but going with the flow. That’s a good thing. I think! 🙂 Sometimes it’s all we can do and there’s a certain peace in that.
    I’m thinking back to your first service and can hardly believe you’ve done so many now. And so much variety. The Chinese one sounds fascinating. I love all the different customs and traditions cultures bring to life. I’ll have to go research the whys of some of what you’ve written.
    Hugs to you and all your loved ones. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. We all do to cope with all that life throws.x
    And a Happy Hallowe’en to you! 🙂

    • Hello hun, thank you, we have arrived. It’s a balmy night in a rather tightly packed caravan park by a river. I shall definitely need some time by the river to be inspired ! I am going more with the flow I guess, I only hope she starts her medication. Hopefully this break won’t be like the last one. Hugs to you and yours too, thank you again, just came back from a beautifully cooked steak salad and chips, sitting on the balcony of an old pub..well old in our terms old not yours lol. 😀 xx

  6. Glad to hear that your services went well. Enjoy your few days away – you need a break. Elderly parents are such a worry and them being in unfamiliar surroundings is never good for their memory. Hope mumma penguin gets to rehab and then home soon. You keep well and happy too.

    • Thanks hun, yes they are a worry, especially when I’m not as close now. Fingers crossed she copes ok as does Pop. Thank you, we are driving out for breakfast, but unlike yesterday it’s been raining all night and meant to be this way for tomorrow too 😦 x

  7. I haven’t been on for a while…just read you chat and wanted to wish you a refreshing few days away. Sorry to hear your parents are poorly. Congratulations on the services over the last 12 months, a mighty effort considering you have had many other distractions! warmest wishes

  8. I am amazed at how many services you have been a Celebrant of in only one year, Jen! This is quite an accomplishment and a high number of planning carefully how each one will go, following family’s requests and customs, too. I was very fascinated by the Chinese service, with a Christian, you! carrying it out with such wonderful words of wisdom and beauty, I believe.
    The escape to the cabin should not necessarily mean you must contact us or even worry about writing. Relax, enjoy and probably knowing how I have been far behind in my reading, you are once again back… Hope it was simply lovely and fun, too!

    • Why I thank you! I hope I did, the daughter seemed very pleased that I honoured her father. Back from the cabin or flat as it turned out. I did relax which was good, back home now and into the swing of everything again…and dieting ! 😒 xx

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