Born to the Earth

Blistered hands, sweat dried
palms, he grimaces at the pain
blood warm trickles
along his wrists
congealed between his fingers
he continues, bearing the hurt
of flesh and soul

He digs, metal glistens under
crescent moon, branches kiss in the
wind so cold
wipes tears with the back of his
dirtied hand
and he hurts more than when he plowed
the crusted earth

The birds are silent, their sanctuary
threatened amongst the boughs
he lifts his head and cries
the salt enters his mouth
whilst the river weaves its way
‘tween fallen logs

How far must he dig, thoughts
of her cries turning to screams
and he so helpless
in the hours that it took
just he and her, with flaxen hair
sticking to her brow

He brought her here
away from town to start new lives
on this barren land, she did for him
lived here, isolated
this now the punishment
as he stares into the deepened hole

Why her, innocent, young
so beautiful
hearing her laughter in his ears
the kiss of melting lips
before her body
writhed in pain, what would happen to
them now, carrying her body, his love
in blood soaked cotton dress
he heard the plaintive cries
of his newborn son.

Copyright JMTacken 2.11.2014

35 thoughts on “Born to the Earth

  1. i caught on early on…esp when he asks how far he has to dig…that this was a burial…oy so hard…my MIL passed on several years back and i keep waiting for the call on my FIL as he seems to have little to live for in her absence…

    • Bri, sorry if this brought painful memories for you. I feel your pain though…the call that no one of us want to receive. Sadly that is what happens, when a partner goes, the other is so terribly lost and doesn’t have the will to continue without them. Hugs my friend that the phone call is a long way away yet. x

  2. I was feeling quite drawn into this dramatic poem, wishing it became a short story about the two involved along with the little wee one. It is a great tribute to you when you read the comments, finding everyone on ‘pins and needles,’ Jen! I felt sad for the couple, very hopeful that they will hold each other, once his hands are not dirty and their life may have hope. That is me, giving it a happy ending! ha ha! xoxo

    • Oh my goodness, I changed the one who died from the woman, you were excellent in your description, but I jumped to the conclusion that it was the baby who died. So sorry, now you may just scribble or edit my comment!
      This dramatic poem was beautiful and so sad, I felt it was about their loss of a baby, even though it was his wife who died in childbirth. The hopeful part in your story will be when the child realizes once grown, of his mother’s love and sacrifice. Take care and just ignore the last comment! Smiles! xoxo

      • I read your first comment, thinking to myself, Hmm poetry is up to interpretation, never mind hun, it happens, I do it too 😊 thank you for your kind words darling. Yes, he will know, through his father and that will be the happy ending. Have a good night…day? Hugs xxoo

      • Thanks for understanding. Sometimes we put our own spin on things, interpreting how we may tell a story. I was hoping this would not bother you, so went back and there you are, being warm about my mistake and making me feel much better about this ‘oops!’ Thanks, Jen. I would never mean to hurt you or act like I can read your mind, either! smiles back

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