We remember Mid October

She left us with a smile
it bounced gently
from across the shores
like rays of sun
into our hearts
the lilt of her voice never heard
her giggles spread
far and wide across the pages
that she wrote
she loved chocolate
spreadsheets, lists
rode on bikes
showed us strength
in oh so many ways
and we were taken in
love and admired
her charm that reached out
to us and we were grateful for
her courage and determination

No matter how long or short a life
sadness falls upon us
when we lose those whom we love
mere words not enough to cover
the uniqueness of a life
the joy they brought
the mutual love and friendship

When they are called to travel on
we are left with memories
cherishing the time
we shared their lives
a candle that once burned so brightly
was extinguished without a flicker
and we now remember how brightly it burned
I still hear her giggles, I do
as I listen to the cello play

Dedicated to our Katie (a WP writer) who left our world and those she loved and who loved her October, 2013. We love you, we miss you, we know you are with us still

Copyright JMTacken 7.11.2014

43 thoughts on “We remember Mid October

  1. *hugs lots*

    She is missed so much, Rach is having a very hard time right now, the date brought things afresh for her.

    Each time I eat an avocado, I smile, yesterday I heard someone use the word “smirkles”

    She tried so hard…. and now I am crying again. sheish.

    • I forgot about the Ava ado 😦 I know that she is smirkling at us right now and has her arms around Rach and all of us. I cried when I wrote it, but also tears of happiness knowing that she made such an impact on all of us and that she will never be forgotten. HUGGLES xxx

  2. Oh Jen, what a beautiful tribute. Those words.. Just about perfect. I miss her, I miss all the white shirt jokes we shared, the chats about Downton Abbey and chocolate.. I miss her nods, her wicked sense of humor and yes! I got into those yucky spreadsheets a bit more because of our Katie. My heart goes out to Rachael. I wish her so much light and her mum’s love as she watches over her beloved girl.

  3. this is beautiful and you’ve described her so well – i miss her too and i’m glad that we still get to experience her special place in this world through her daughter, rachael –

      • The last time I visited her site was in October of last year.:( I had no idea and it makes me so sad. I just figured she was living her life and priorities had shifted. Stupid, cancer. I hate it so.

      • Yes it happened quite quickly, but I’m glad all of her friends are still thinking of her as we do Rach, her daughter. Yes stupid cancer and every other possible name we can think of 😞 hugs xxx

  4. ty for writing mom a poem. sometimes I think no one remembers her. so thank u. I read everyone’s comments to so thank you to everyone. Amber showed me that you wrote this. I miss her so much. Thank you for missing her to. she would have liked your poem. Especially the chocolate part.

    • Rach, our sweet girl. Your are most welcome. Thank you for reading it. I am glad Amber showed you, we all love her as you do and miss her as you do. We know that you miss her the most and that life has changed for you now, but you will always hold her in your heart. As you long have breath, as long as you can speak her name, you will love her and never forget her. I hope she liked the poem too, I’m sure she has seen it and you made me giggle at the chocolate part, after all who doesn’t love chocolate?? Take care Rach and please remember we are all here you, if you want to talk to us. She had so many friends, she was part of us, as you are. Huggggss xoxoxox

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