I touched your cheek


I visited
entered through the open window
where the cream broderie tablecloth
still hugged the oak table
this is where our glasses clinked
I left inprints cross the dust
along the dresser shelf
music filled the air

I went inside
the curtains gently blew
I touched the books you loved
they sat next to the albums
that captured our lives
and there you were
walking from the other room
I watched you take my ashes
sit in your favourite chair

I heard you gulp
your adams apple rose and fell
you wiped your eyes
I couldn’t help
I couldn’t cry
you looked at me
curious how I got here
my wings touched your cheek
I’ll be back again

Copyright JMTacken 8.11.2014
Photograph mine

32 thoughts on “I touched your cheek

  1. What a gorgeous photo – I thought of my mum, it made me feel sad and happy. I always wonder if my dad is watching over her. She cries sometimes. It has been 19 years. Your words about loss (even if it is about a man) are just so beautiful my lovely. *sniff*

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