The elastic band strung tight
let go again without warning
small moments perhaps signs
but they vanished quickly

lost, circling tornado
picking up all in her path
she touched the surface of the earth
collided with those she loved

she takes those with her
we fall, we rise consistently
blown about without guidance
not knowing where we’ll land

her winds blow
strong and fierce
leaving tears in our eyes
till she grounds once more

Copyright JMTacken

36 thoughts on “Tornado

      • It takes a lot out of you. I can only imagine. Sincerely hope that LOVE is powerful enough to keep you strong through difficult times. Sending you lots of positive happy vibes and pray that the tornadoes subside soon so that love can blossom again. xoxo

      • Thank you for your kind words. It’s very involved, too much for me to try and explain on comments. It’s a terrible illness, one that tears families apart. I need all the positivity I can gather right thank you ❤ x

  1. Wow, I would not wish to be in this powerful force of nature. You captured it well, I am sure this holds a double meaning, hope that you withstood its tornado upon your soul, Jen. You deserve some peace, serenity and well-being. Wishing all in your family a better day, another start. A new beginning with better days ahead… Love and hugs sent your way over the time and distance, Jen!

      • Oh no! Daughter K, wishing she could not aim her tornado your direction. I understand you probably offer her comfort and help, but you are left crushed or blown apart, as in a tornado. I wish it were not so, Jen. Still will keep you all in my prayers. Glad you have Mr. S. to help comfort and hold you tight, Jen! hugs back!

      • Yes unfortunately, it’s ongoing, I wish it wasn’t. This was the longest and the toughest and yet I still can’t persuade her to go on medication. She won’t help herself and it’s more than frustrating as these could possibly be avoided, at least the strength of them. Thank you darling and yes thankfully Mr.S is there for me. Xx

      • Oh, how strong you appear, despite your mentioning these on your posts. I think you ‘take’ a lot more than you should have to, at times! I feel that song, “Take a Piece of My Heart” fits this tornado effect. Also, very saddened as you are, that K. doesn’t try to take the meds, it may make HER, along with her loved ones feel much better. Take a break and enjoy your Saturday and Sunday!! Those penguins are such a handful, too… xo Robin

  2. Hi Jenny the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Like you I too wish for the tornadoes to stop but I fear for you there re more yet to happen. You are a strong woman, you shall weather them even in moments of feeling extremely weather eaten you will find ways to cope as you know you can. Keep the chin up mate.

  3. Here for you darling. May you weather these tornadoes with strength and peace. I hope in your writing you find a calm; a way to gather the pieces within you and mend your way out of these sudden bursts that can break even the strongest of pillars. You are strength. You are love, I know it’s tough. I love you!

  4. I’m sorry things are so rough right now. I have a tornado in my home at times, too. Mental illness is devastating to a family. It’s Autumn here now and that always brings bipolar changes with my daughter. Hypomania causes her to be agitated and rude and can easily escalate to a full blown tornado. Take care, and do the best you can. I understand the chaos and am working hard to still find happiness for myself beyond it, while helping her. (((HUGS)))) 🙂

    • Thank you hun, it is so difficult the path we travel with our babies. So hard to get to that point of contentment and happiness. Hard on them, hard on is. I try, but with BPD the mood swings are constant, one minute alright, the next not and being ultra sensitive to any comment ..any look, takes its toll. Hugs to you, as I know what you go through and its ..bloody tough. xx

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Jen over at my place. We all have our own storms, don’t we? Yours swirls constantly, I’m afraid. It’s why I don’t envy, mostly, other people, despite my own issues. We all are in the weather, eventually… ~

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