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Water and I don’t get along very well, for as long as I can remember I have had an aversion to drinking it. Pop Penguin is the same. Most weeks I would be lucky if I drank a glass.
Due to pop’s blood pressure and various ailments I convinced him to start drinking more. I am a chip of the old block, the only way I will drink more water is through a squeeze bottle (like you have at the gym).
This is what I got Pop to do and now he drinks around 2 a day which is excellent.
I am quite good at giving advice, but rarely listen to my own.

Last Saturday we were heading for a hot day, before it became too hot however, I went for a walk… No water. I came back home, hung out some washing …no water, then went into the study and stood in front of filing cabinet to retrieve something.

I started to get a humming noise in my right ear, which I had never had before, then that light headed feeling (the type you get from standing up too quickly after sitting down)

Then I felt the wobblies come over me, I sort of remember hitting the chair on my way down, but I am pretty sure I blanked out for a while, my body scrunched on the floor, my left arm underneath me holding my right upper arm. I felt warmth and sticky and realised my arm was bleeding.

My first words were ‘what the hell happened’
I lay there for a few moments dazed and confused about how long I had actually been out. I then sat up. Raised both arms above my head (stroke test) when I got up I went to the bathroom to check if there were any changes to my facial muscles. I spoke out loud. I seemed ok.

Mr. S was out for a couple of hours yet so I ..yes grabbed a bottle of water and went and lay on the couch for most of the afternoon. I can only diagnose dehydration.

So I now sport a massive yellow, purple, black bruise covering most of upper right arm, with a scratch in the middle about 2 inches long, a bruised elbow and a sore behind (as I must have hit that first)

Mr.S then arrived telling me he passed out for about 4 seconds whilst doing gardening, though he was doing 4 lawns in the middle of the heat, but at least he drank water (he drinks more than I)

This was the same afternoon that K started her major meltdown.

Oh, on a side note Mr. S went back to play basketball tonight, it was his 2nd match with the ‘veteran players’ = the oldies.
He came in hobbling and heard a pop in his calf whilst playing.

So not three’s but possibly four’s.

6 years ago when we first met, he snapped his archillies in his right leg, this is his left. Off to the doctors in the morning…

K and I are still keeping our distance…

Oh and please DRINK WATER!

56 thoughts on “Comes in 3’s or… – Chat

  1. Goodness! Please take care of yourself! Could you also have been breathing too many paint fumes? Did you check your blood pressure? It could possibly be low. (I’ve passed out on multiple occasions from getting up to quickly with low bp) I hope both of you feel better soon. Thank you from reminding me to drink something besides my beloved coffee! πŸ™‚

    • Aww, no I’m okay just a little bruised. Hmm good idea about the paint fumes, but no I don’t think so. My blood pressure two hours after was 102/70… Tad low . I’m feeling ok hun now, I learnt a lesson. Yes water is apparently required πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Dang, Jen, you could have seriously hurt yourself! Bad things do come in threes but it looks like you got a bonus. πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like the stars are out of alignment. Ouch. Not nice fall. Yes, drinking water is sooooo important. About a month ago a friend of mine fell backwards into the bathtub, hit her head. Thank goodness her daughter was at home. Couldn’t get her out of the tub. Called ambulance. Took her to hospital and the prognosis was dehydration. Dangerous stuff.

    Take care all of you. Glad you’re all okay. ❀

  4. That sounds like an eventual day, all in the negative however. Well, balance is called for! Time for an eventual positive day of 3 or 4! πŸ™‚ ….and as all concur above “drink more water”. πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh my lovely, I am so sorry. Please look after yourselves. Things do come in 3s and um, well, you got a 4th – awful. I know that Aussie heat, so please drink tons of water and how lovely Mr S. plays basketball but not lovely that he hurt himself. Mine plays basketball too – I’m always worried about an injury. Now er, back to the water.. so no 8 glasses a day or 6? Not getting the thirsties? Well, there’s wine and coffee.. both of which I would take, of course. Still, I prescribe at least 4 glasses a day for you πŸ™‚

    • Mr. S played 6 years ago when he had the first one, then went back to get fit… Hmm. He went to the doctors this morning and yes torn archillies so operation on Wednesday and then in a moon boot for weeks..yay over Christmas! Hmm I thought I took enough liquid with and stuff, but the water is obviously more important…dang, thank you sweet heart xxx

  6. I love drinking water and guzzle it all day long. If I was with you I would have slapped you for not drinking it on a warm day (kidding). Hubby had a ‘turn’ yesterday and was sent home from work badly dehydrated, so I slapped him (lol). He’s fine today. Please drink more water xxxx

    • Oh no I couldn’t guzzle hell no! Roflmao at you slapping me, ouch you … πŸ˜‰ at least I would have listened…possibly. Hubby too? It’s a dehydration epidemic I tell you! Glad he is good. Yes mum…I am..believe me. xxx

  7. There’s a calculation you can use, Jen, to figure out the optimum amount of water each of us personally needs based on body mas etc. I can’t remember the equation without checking but it’s a massive amount compared to what most of us consume. I actually prefer water over any soft drink but I still don’t drink enough unless I actually feel thirsty.
    A few years ago, the schools here provided free water bottles each day in class working on the premise that children would learn better if they were adequately hydrated. They don’t provide them now but the children are still encouraged to bring in water bottles to drink freely throughout the day. I don’t know that it’s made a difference to their learning but they spend a lot of time in the toilets!
    I hope you feel better soon.x
    I’ll promise to take the water bottle out of my bag and actually drink from it. πŸ˜‰

    • I feel ok now hun thank you, my problem is I never feel thirsty or very rarely, so I never have cause to drink water. If nothing else, my fall and my bruises have reminded everyone to drink more water! Side note…I’m on the loo a hell of a lot now! πŸ˜’

  8. Jen I’m glad you are okay. Funny enough, across the ocean here…I am dealing with dehydration! But because I’ve been wicked sick and couldn’t drink much, couldn’t eat anything, have not been on the computer or joined in life in two days. Blech. Feel better!

  9. So glad you are doing better, glad you realized what was causing your wooziness and dizziness, too. I appreciated your reminding my readers about dehydration, while on my sick days’ post, but never dreamed you actually experienced this… so sorry for laughing when you suggested it on my post, Jen! Bad timing, with the K’s breakdown, too…. Hugs xox Robin

    • I haven’t been to the doctor, but I can only put it down to that. Suck? It’s terrible but enevitable. Thank you hun, my bruising is fading and I’m drinking more water now and juices. Hugs πŸ’œ xx

  10. I can’t believe that living where you do you don’t drink water. Honestly woman – my brother won’t let anyone out the house unless they’re armed with a bottle of water. And what about wearing a hat outside in the sun? Or is that only reserved for the kids? Hope you’re feeling better and brighter.

  11. I know, I’m bad. I wish I could, I am trying harder now. If it’s not hot I struggle, add to that I never feel thirsty which is odd I guess. Hats? Ok I’m really bad, no I don’t wear a hat, but I do wear sunglasses and sunscreen 😊 body wise I’m better, thank you darling xx

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