Done & almost dusted – quick chat


So there you have it everyone. I have officially finished my course.
Now there is more paperwork, scanning and emailing the certificates.

Providing ID and stat decs from 3 people who have known me for over 2 years.

Registering with the Government Authorities oh and pay $840.00 (that’s the part I don’t like).


43 thoughts on “Done & almost dusted – quick chat

  1. yay! i knew you would get there, jen! any family who is able to hire you can count themselves lucky. and maybe we should do a crowd-sourcing fund raiser for you )

  2. This is a wondrous landmark in time, Jen! Wow! I love the certificate and hope that all falls into place, I just learned from someone this is called, “walking the thread” when everything seems okay. It is like being on a tightrope, though, you never know how long this high will last…
    Congratulations, Jen! I hope you are toasting and partying for the weekend! xoxoxo

  3. Jen Congratulations my love. You are and will be the perfect marriage celebrant.. beautiful, caring, professional and personal. Putting aside my obvious bias here, you are achieving your new life goals and I am Uber proud of you 🌹

    • Thank you my darling. It does scare me I have to say. Yet funeral services did as well, but I am slowly getting used to them! Thank you for your kind and beautiful words my lovely, see you soon ☺️ xxxπŸ’š

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