Crescent Safe


Our bodies crescent moons
skin to skin half circles
we embrace
warm breath
reminding me of
summer winds
gentle lips
eyes closed
heartbeat heard
within its chamber
safe this moment
arms sheltering
I am protected
against the storms
that rages within
or outside my world

jmtacken 22.11.2014

25 thoughts on “Crescent Safe

  1. This is simply gorgeous, Jen! I admire the way you share these intimate thoughts with us, full of love and beautiful words. So perfect: two people in the ‘spoons’ position becoming ‘crescents.’ I will never forget these sweet words, loving also the “warm breath reminding me of summer winds.’ The soft puffs out of the one who is embracing us can be described like this, so much better than any other poetry read in last MONTH!! Hope this is true, that this barricades and protects you (at least partially) from the hurts and troubles of loved ones who may need you and hurt you, Jen.

    • Thank you darling, you have read the moment perfectly. Glad you will remember the words I thank you.myes sometimes I put a softer one in and yes he protects me as much as possible which at times is a very hard gig 😞. Hugs xx

      • Oh, maybe I should not have written this in caps, I read somewhere it means I was yelling. I meant it as an emphasis on how much I loved the writing, dear Jen. Never would I ‘yell’ at you! Hugs, xo

  2. Oh my gosh, what beautiful words. So revealing and alluring. I love “I am protected against storms that rages within or outside my world.” Gave me goosebumps my lovely. Yes you are. You need to be wrapped.

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