It’s Chat Time

Which means I haven’t got a piece of poetry in me.
It’s been a hectic last couple of weeks, just wanted to let you know that Mumma Penguin finally went home last Monday. She has regular careers from the Council visiting almost every day for a month to help and organise her, which in turn will also help Pop. He is so happy she is home again and she is thrilled, though she has her stubborn pants on about doing her exercises!

Pop realised the other day that his memory is sadly going now too, imagine my surprise when I phoned them the other day and he was doing a crossword puzzle, out of the senior Citizens magazine they get, the first he has ever done in his 86 years ( mind you I was on the phone for one and a half hours) as he kept saying now 16 down is…. πŸ˜€ but I’m happy he is trying and even Mumma P was joining in…miracles! I am going to buy him a book of easy ones so he (they) don’t give up!

I have been busy with services funerals, conducting two last week and three next week. I cried at Thursday’s one, as I was reading the committal, the wife of the deceased a beautiful petite lady called out a few times (which made people laugh) during the service as I read, then she said “goodbye my darling” and I couldn’t hold it together for a while. It’s normal, every now and then it happens, it gets to me. I’m human, which is a good thing ☺️

Mr.S had his operation, he now is hobbling on crutches and plaster, I picked him up from Hospital this morning and he has slept most of the day.

K is trying to get into modelling. goth style mostly, this has been keeping her busy of late, below are a few of her recent photos taken…now all she needs is someone to discover her. Yes I know I’m being brazen, Β forgive me, but if you don’t ask or put it out there…..

My 900th post, who would have thought.




61 thoughts on “It’s Chat Time

  1. Wow! Gorgeous K.! She is a beautiful girl and I am sure you need to be proud and show her photos. You never know when someone will discover her! My oldest daughter went through some gothic phases, especially in art school.
    I am hoping the easy crossword puzzle books, those large print ones will keep your parents doing them. I had Mom and Dad doing those up until he passed away. Mom did the newspaper ones up until last year, now when I check, they are mostly not finished. She got insulted when I tried to buy her a large print ‘easy’ version. So, maybe it may not work out with your penguins, but worth a shot!
    I am hoping and praying for Mr. S. to have a smooth and healing recuperation from surgery.
    I saved my favorite part till the end: You are a blessing, Jen to all those who attend your services. I loved the part about her calling out, “goodbye my darling,” this would get me crying too… You have had a full plate of stuff, many of these things are weights on your loving shoulders. I will keep you in my prayers for strength and fortitude, Jen! xoxo Robin

    • Thank you so much Rob, yes I am proud of her and I am bias but I think she is gorgeous tooπŸ˜€ thankfully she doesn’t dress completely in black, but she loves the lace, tule and occasional skulls in photographs! I bought a book of different puzzles today, not big print, though I did look! I will give it to them tomorrow and see what they think. Thank you for your kind wishes about Mr. S, I was going to get him a bell as a joke instead I found a horn. This will probably go through the window shortly! She was beautiful, it probably is a combination of what I have gone through and also doing the services, that now and then I can’t help but get emotional. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. πŸ’œπŸ’œ hugs x

      • Emotional is okay, as you know this. It is tough, I cannot imagine what you go through, with K and the Penguins, too! I also appreciate your words about throwing out the horn, definitely will be out the window! ha ha! Love the energy and pride shown in this post in your K. who is a ‘knock-out,’ just stunning. I like her being herself, while still fixing herself up like a super model, her personal choices and touches make her unique! xo

  2. she has a look that may be just the thing for the goth market, tell her to keep at it. sometimes our success comes in places we never imagine. she is a beautiful woman. glad about the penguins and mr. s, and i’m glad you’ve done another memorial, you must really see and feel it all, and i’m so proud of you being official now at last. you so deserve it –

    • She would love to be ‘noticed’ unfortunately she has had two photo shoots with two different photographers. She doesn’t get paid for doing them, so I don’t know how she will go, but thank you Beth. ☺️ Yes I’m very busy, thankfully only because of the attendant that works for the company. She keeps giving me the services, so I’m very grateful to her. Thank you, yes the Penguins and Mr. S are coping xxx

  3. Ah, lovely. Mum is back where she belongs and both are doing crosswords. I’m Happy things are somewhat normal. I know the unexpected will pop up but you keep doing what you’re doing, when you bless others with your benevolence and kind words – Blessings are bestowed on you. K is as beautiful as ever. So glad she is trying modeling. May something come her way.
    I hope S feels good very soon. Tell him I said Hello and get well.
    Love you

    • Yes she is hun, hopefully they will continue, relieve some of the boredom at least. Thank you for the blessings and also the compliment for K. I hope something will, she has so many photos now and nowhere to take them too! Thank you darling, he said thank you for your kind words and considerations and who are you πŸ˜› cheeky bugga. Love you to, hope you and the family are well xxx

  4. Your daughter looks absolutely fantastic and I really hope an agency picks her up very soon! πŸ˜€

    I’m so glad mum is back home. Have a lovely week and best of luck with those crosswords πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you darling, how many champers have we had so far? Unfortunately she isn’t going to Agencies and relying on FB and Instagram to get herself seen… Could be a very long road. Yes mum is back to being …mum. Thanks, you too, I only hope they continue them! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜

  5. Good to hear mum is home. I’m sure pop’s memory will improve now she’s back, crosswords or not. K’s photos are good and strong. Hopefully she’ll get an agent soon. I’ve obviously missed a post somewhere because didn’t know Mr. S was having an op – hope he gets back to looking after you soon. x

    • Thanks sweety, I’m sure it wil too. Thank you she likes that look, goth and out there. She needs to take them to Agencies I agree, but as yet hasn’t…he ruptured his archillies whilst playing basketball… Another week in plaster then a moon boot for 8 weeks πŸ˜’ he’s not happy & yes I’m getting tired of the horn blasting! πŸ˜€

  6. wow. she is beautiful…love the make up job…and glad mum is home…yikes on memory loss…that is one thing that scares me….i enjoy a good crossword on occassion as well…smiles.

    • Thank you I shall pass that on, she did it herself, yes memory loss..not good even I’m showing early signs, πŸ˜’more so perhaps too much on my plate. SO glad you have popped in, so nice to see you Bri 😊

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