Ilya Kisaradov.twistedlamb

familiar paths to cover
the hardest of them all
they cross the unknown
which is the bravest route

take care upon this journey
upon darkened grains
by oceans black
when you weep alone
I hear you

your hands cannot wipe clear
this fog that will not lift
this is the view
of the world in which you live

I try to keep the candles alight
hoping to guide the way
but you always extinguish them
and even with my tears

… think you’ll burn

Copyright JMTacken 5.12.2014

12 thoughts on “Pathways

  1. Candles flicker
    my love for you does not
    So love I offer, it will always be so
    support when I can, understanding I try
    A shoulder always and a hug too

    with firmness though, you know that
    I am a Mom you see
    The world is not against you
    though it sometimes seems so
    one step at a time, through the fog and sand

    through bumps and turns, cliffs and rivers
    there are sunny fields too, smiles to be had
    lets go this way
    one step at a time

    look to my candle, to my love
    candles flicker

    ….my love burns strong

  2. You chose a very meaningful way to express the emotions that run wild and rampant… within your daughter and your re-lighting the candles to give her brightness, hope and light, while she feels she will ‘burn.’ Powerful images, well written, Jen…hugs for your brilliance shared with us.

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