My world is tumbling around me.

I thank you all for reading Pathways and your comments. I cannot at this time answer you, but know that I have read them and thank you so much for reading.

I won’t be reading your posts for a while either, I’m sorry, but I’m not in the right headspace to do so.

K is going through a very bad time. I don’t know when I will be writing again, if I do, forgive me for pouring my heart out ..yet again. I know this is not what blogging is or should be about.

I just want this nightmare for her to end and there are no easy answers for any of us.


21 thoughts on “Space

  1. Dear Jen you are not alone we are all praying, rooting for you. We are all reaching out hoping to help you. I am running late, for family problem reasons too. I may not know the depth of your troubles or pain but I can empathize . I hope K can find some help and please if you are offered help take it as you need support too so you can cope with K. As for whether or not you should blog your heart out, I believe that is one of the reasons blogs have evolved. Honesty is always the best therapy face the beast and face it down. God bless you sending you love and hugs and healing

  2. Take our love with you and know we will be here when you are ready. Good luck to you and your daughter during this difficult time. You are on my prayer list, Jenny. ❤ ❤

  3. Don’t worry about attending to us. Use all of your energy to getting through this. I am so sorry this is an ongoing struggle and wish all of you a safe landing. Hugs to you, Jen.

  4. I apologize for being on the tail end of these wonderful and supportive comments, Jen. I wish to hug and hold you. This is how I feel about you, one of the best out there in the blogging world, poetic, fierce, loyal and courageous. A truly sweet person who believes in the best in others, giving so much… your services and your family are all you should ‘worry’ about, we are here, patiently waiting and if it is a long time, just know we love you, sweetie!

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