Today Australia mourns

Today Australia is is mourning, for one who hid under the guise of religion. One who sent letters to Australian families of our soldiers killed overseas, after just 3 days saying these soldiers were child killers. Whilst on bail, was endited on 40 charges of sexual assault. He was accused of murdering and burning his ex wife. We ask? We must ask about our legal system. Why was this man walking our streets at all. He thankfully has left our world, in the early hours of this morning.

But he left, after he murdered a young mother of 3 children, who was trying to protect a pregnant friend and the Manager of the Lindt Cafe in Sydney who was trying to unarm him.

Also today – A 21 year old was arrested in Melbourne, murdering a man who was being a good Samaritan, intervening in an argument between the man and his pregant girlfriend in the streets.

Also today – A young 18 year old boy was killed by a shark attack in Queensland.

This is our day today, this the world in which we live.

Religious extremists.
People who are allowed to walk our streets when they should be behind bars.
Violence from someone upon an innocent soul who ‘wouldn’t’ mind his own business trying to help.
A young fisherman, enjoying what he loved, fishing.

We mourn, we have been touched by terrorism.

We have seen the deaths of others not related to terrorism.
In so many matter what the circumstance, it is all simply terror.

Be brave Australia.


43 thoughts on “Today Australia mourns

  1. Yes be brave Australia, we know how shocked and stunned you must feel. We cannot allow these terrorist cow us down. These people must be found and stopped.
    A straight and profound post. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  2. So shocking….although it was inevitable. So very sad…..but….it could have been so much worse. Such hero’s, so brave those people who have now lost their lives. Incredible to see the GOOD that comes out of these terrible situations though. The people offering to “ride with me”. Humanity will always prevail even in the face of evil.

  3. Jen I was following the story all day, hoping and praying that the people would be freed without further harm. How horrific for those people, for your country, for your friends around the world. We mourn with you.

  4. It was a sad day wasn’t it? I woke up to see that in the news and for a minute forgot about the thought that occupied my mind about a friend who just had mastectomy – pray for the family of the deceased woman for strength to deal with their loss and for Australia as a whole

  5. For so long, I held within me that feeling of … ‘We are a little bit safer in Australia’. I could return home and we would somehow be immune to what we have accepted as our world today. It seems not. I have been watching everything closely. I am so, so sad. I see it affect us everyday but this hits me so deeply.

  6. Absolutely tragic…… My heart and soul both go out you and all your countrymen today mum… I can tell you it was all over our news here in the U.S… So sad to see something such as this tear into the fabric of Sydney. And that brave, poor young manager giving his life to save others. The one shining thing that comes from such tragedy is the true heartwarming stories of how good people react to such violent, sickening and twisted events. Praying for all of Australia today…… May God bless and keep you all……

  7. This is hard to push ‘like’ on, yet I am supporting YOU and Your country and others in distant places, also ones who are nearer to us here. All kinds of madness going on, these days, so close to your own home, though makes it really nerve-wracking and heart wrenching. Hugs for all and love, too. Wish we could get a big magic blanket and cover everyone from the dangers out there. Poor people am so sad… xo

    • Thank you Rob, yes madness is the correct word for it. This man shouldn’t have been on our streets, our system is not tough enough, but perhaps this will bring things to the fore. Thank you darling, start working on that magic blanket, I’m sure there are many who will help. πŸ’™ xx

  8. Sad for your country and it’s people this world is a sick place it seems even with laws and those left in charge to keep us safe it is really all for naught 😦 Merry Christmas and a Very happy and healthy New Year HUGS

  9. We watched the gunman in the Sydney cafe here in Florida as it was happening, Live. These types of actions are going on around the world in the name of religion. The lost, the insecure and friendless think they have found recognition with the fanatical terrorists until they pull a tragedy like this. I don’t have the answers, but someone should be able to figure it out. The U.S. mourns with the people of Australia.

    • Thank you so much for reading. So many atrocities throughout this world that we live in. Answers are not easy for anyone, at any time. The unthinkable occurs on a daily basis and we thought we were safe on our little island. Appreciate your comment and your understanding. This we share between our two countries.

  10. My heart goes out to Australians dealing with this. What has happened to our world that these kinds of depravity are taking place in increasing numbers? Terrorism is on the rise, not decline. I don’t know what the answer is. Certainly not more bombings, drone strikes, torture chambers, guns. But how to change hearts and minds, and protect the innocent from madmen, I am lost to offer a solution.

    • Thank you Beth, yes very much on the rise, in countries that were once thought safe. Today another tragedy which has just been on our news, a mother stabbed to death her 8 children, 7 were hers, one not… I’m at a loss to comprehend. Thank you for reading πŸ’™

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